This the biggest issue in the market, that everthing related to bitcoin behavior. Need to wait ADA releases and own place in the market with blockchain 3,0

I see ADA holds price well, during correction too,probablly it's minimum for us and now only uptrend. Does anybody knows when Ledger adding ADA to list?

I think this picture shows to us current level of ADA, we're in the end of 1 phase

let\s be realistic in this case. ADA team need time to show results and to find partnerships. And this is not fast way,like all projects, only after 1 year we can see some results, just HODL and enjoy the life

Guys please follow ada, it,s legacy wallet. Just don,t use for phones

ADA support levels 1900 sat, next 2500sat

Good time to buy ;)

Just don,t panic, the big bosses just looking for this. Focus on long term and HODL !!

ADA grows, then BTC drops. Respect. Don't panic and don't sell

ETH seems also found the bottom and not reacting to BTC. A lot of other altcoins in green

280-300 support level, already as ADA in the begining of new start :)

K you like bot repeating the same, need to ban you

Hi Guys, seems we won the one battle, but not war :). Marketcap during night got 11mld additonal, good signal to us. Keep crossed fingers. ADA next level 2500 sat

Hi, also want to provide my feedback regarding " Welcome msg" in the chat, for sure you need an improvement :). One of possible option is to use bot help in separate channel to join required Cardano channels. 2) just put this information message into pinned area. 3) remove it at all :)

Seems XLM going to take the Cardano place in the top list soon :(

Hi, do you know something about ripple and ada coperation for airdrop? Rumors?

Seems, knows :)

ETC will be listed in Coinbase during few months

Shorts are verybok for grow

As time showed, more shorts = bigger grow ;)

Coinbase announced that ETC will be listed on 7 August