`Much better than any ethereum rap.

I wonder how much market share we are going to take from Ethereum

Hadn't Charles hinted something to do with Ethereum Classic as one of the stuff in his back pocket?

Cardano eventually will be bigger than ethereum, but ethereum is a good project.

I guess the only way is for Cardano to prove its different from Bitcoin, to prove its so much better that Bitcoin price can be ignored because Cardano is its own entity. This will take a lot of doing though. We only have to look at how successful Ethereum is, yet it still suffers when BTC takes a hit

You think that coinbase will let us pass ethereum? In other words x11

Steal money from EOS and TRON

Eos tron neo bch bsv ltc and not to forget ethereum 😁

I don't hate ethereum.

Jefferson ₳irplane
Did anything get announced by Coinbase U.K. ceo?

He said Ethereum has a good stake option but POS not that great

All for staking Ethereum?

Bitcoin and ethereum are MySpace

Remember when Ethereum took a dump when crypto kitties came out?

Ethereum doesn't even have peer review system they keep making flaws in their code making investors lose money cuz of their bad experiments

The thing that sold me was an interview with CH. He was explaining the task that Ethereum has in front of them to successfully switch over to POS. He also stated that they are probably not forthcoming about that development is going. I agree wholeheartedly that, ETH development just seems like a shitshow right now. Anything short of a perfect launch will be almost fatal for them. Plus, who would you put your trust in? A bunch of scientists across the globe, or a core group of people who have been on the record about being burned out.