DJI took the elevator straight down to 0.5. This is my prediction: The US Senate finally passes the stimulis bill - bail outs a few big companies and checks are cut to average Americans worried about making their rent payments. This quell some short term anxieties. DJI bounces hard off this 18k range and takes crypto along with it. This is all short term.
Charles Hoskinson on “Deadlines & Delays” - 23/03/2020On March 23rd, 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down to discuss about “Deadlines and Delays” in achieving milestones for Cardano.Brief Summary:- Cardano started as a scientific project which means that it is subject to a challenging development timeline in exchange for making foundational contributions to the crypto space.- IOHK is constantly building and developing its ecosystem through releases, blog posts, videos and updates.- All challenges and missteps have been learning opportunities for the further advancement of Cardano.- The Cardano ecosystem was built in order to generate a decentralized global social and financial operating system, it was not created to make day traders wealthy.- We encourage all supporters to be patient and to await more information from Aparna Jue.Read and watch the full recap here:
Katsumoto = [email protected] w/ Team Cardano [#244483] for nCovid19
Pretty funny Take a look
Fethi Anane
Will see will see about that

Markets don't move in straight lines.. both traditional and crypto had a massive week of losses .... while I do not feel certain that this is the bottom, I do think we are going to see a relief bounce and DJI back at 23k and BTC moving towards $8k before the next potential drop.

Big players have so many invest in btc and altcoins, they will never let the cryptos dying

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Mentioning the need to be cover d by mainstream media was a total joke. Mainstream media is broken this.cannot understand crypto.

Any move right now to digital/crypto currency would bode well for cardano future I would think

Thats why i hold gold/silver and crypto.... fiat will inflate...

Same here Have tried to decouple from fiat on the long term side for many years nowIts really interesting the spacial shift crypto and block chain are bringing to the financial space I think the traditional money bandits are hanging by their fingertips right nowInteresting future ahead...

Wondering whether people will pile into crypto when banks start acting even weirder

EMURGO has helped several businesses implement the Cardano ADA cryptocurrency as a payment method by utilizing the Yoroi Wallet.In Part 3 of this series, we introduce two more merchants who have begun accepting ADA at their businesses. Read more at the link below!

@Ironcryptonic not here, thank you

men you all are my seniors in crypto, i just started last month, so i did not have the chance to hop on btc

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Is crypto finished ? Does not seem to be a safe haven price is volatile no confidence when there’s a crisis. All markets are acting the same but I thought crypto was a hedge against stocks and financial markets

I don’t think people have a lot of money in the depression not to spend on crypto

Dr No
20 of us have 100% Ada in their Portfolios... diversify folks! :)

as long as people have diversified with non crypto stuff doesnt matter if crypto portfolio is 100% ada or not

Crypto itself is high risk, do not ever put all eggs into the crypto basket

People aren’t going to immediately buy crypto in a crisis. Many have liquidated their assets and are sitting on cash. Stocks, crypto, everything. This is just the first phase of the reshuffling I think

Crypto will offer rewards for holding an asset, while the banks will offer negative interest rates. Crypto will offer deflation while fiat will offer inflation . This is the perfect storm all the maxi’s have been waiting for. Give it time.

Always remember to afford what you can lose. People are losing their jobs more frequently due to the virus/recession. If you can buy crypto right now you’re lucky.

Any decent crypto is safe heavens for when your bank collapses

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