consolidated 665+ for one day, market looks green including bitcoin(or at least not dumpy) I think we reach 690 again today
Nah, too much positive news and happenings recently, with more yet to come the coming weeks and months. Afraid it won't go back 😉

You are 100% right. Those who said bitcoin and ada will retrace will be wrong. This fall was so small. Look the charts. We are up again.
I’d pay $$$ to see him publicly whipped

The psychopaths running the banking/fiat cartel will fight till the end. Luckily, you can't censor bitcoin. Or as Andreas put it. " You can only censor yourself". Mnuchin and the rest of the cartel are criminals protecting their turf.

Bitcoin was born ten years ago and not even 2% world population knows it yet

Bitcoin was born ten years ago and not even 2% world population knows it yet

It takes some time for mass awareness, Bitcoin is known by much of the world now. Traction takes time, but once people enter crypto through BTC they become aware of the ecosystem then it accelerates acceptance.

you are talking about $1 but ada cannot return even 10% of ATH, think about it

Not sure I'm following your "logic" here. Bitcoin for a long time couldn't get to 1$ - until it went to 20,000$. So?

Looks like that alts dump was for pump bitcoin

Had a huge pump from 140 to 280

bitcoin going up was responsible for 25% of the price increase you know

Whole market is just following Bitcoin... we saw the same kind of dip right after the last golden cross in BTC... if price falls under $9k then it looks bad.. but right now it's just normal fluctations in my view.

what i find very odd is cardano was hanging at 592 sats before the grand dump, then pumped to 610.why would people escape from bitcoin to cardano?

Cardano Bull
Ada held its fiat value

not really, above 10k we were above 6c, bitcoin dumped 10% and cardano only pumped 4%..

weird stuff happenning on alt/btc pairs.bitcoin dominance barely moved on a 1k candle flash dump. means people are confident in alts.

So guys, that amount suddenly plunging onto the market is what hit the bitcoin price. Makes sense. As the market digests it, BTC should recover quickly to reclaim 10k.

Didn't you know when you buy bitcoin, satoshi himself sends you coin from his stash?

If bitcoin stays on track, and cardano stays on track for shelley release as well. I cant wait

No luck, just skill

How long until you consider your prediction to be off? I mean without doubt bitcoin will drop again at some point. Do you think it will just go down? Do you have targets.. If over the next week it goes up, then drops will you consider your prediction accurate?

Though shalt hold thy bitcoin

but these manipulations kill interest in people, bitcoin, I would say so far the most stable of all cryptocurrencies, it has restored 50% from ATH that can not be said about other cryptocurrencies ...

Why so many cardano coin supply?

Supply is high so you can buy more ADA for less money 😉It's an arbitrary number. There's less than you think once staking is live on mainnet. Also, there's only 1 million lovelaces per ADA. Whereas, there are 100 million sats per Bitcoin