you said you would call the police and i said there are no more police to call because a certain group sees no need for police

Ok how do we detain this man for fud————————————————————REMEMBER- Officials/Ambassadors will never DM you. Please stick to official links and websites mentioned above only.- The release is specifically only related to ITN Rewards Balance Check. Rewards can only be claimed on the Shelley mainnet (after the hardfork scheduled for 29th July) on the 3rd August.
charts are good i cannot read them they do have a place but they are not the gospel

But it’s based on a technical analysis in a real world context of US stock market + US coronavirus cases (likely to increase after 4th of July party party - unless you all gonna stay home 😂). Not gospel but highly probable. This livestream is very long - we watched it before and during BTC touching 9080 but it can help you for a long explanation

Gene Pasker
Week after week the same people are calling for a crash that never comes, eventually they may be right and then they will say that they told us... lol.

Not calling for - warning about. That way, no one can cry and say they didn’t know 🙂 no one wants economies to crash but acting like money printer go brrr won’t create a bursting economic bubble + problem of spike in cases won’t lead to a huge problem, doesn’t make sense. No offense but USA not doing well on corona side, conspiracy theories or no

If markets dump we are still going to pump on cmc and sat value and the fiat price will bounce back

Gene Pasker
It just doesn’t help to say “ the markets will eventually crash.” It’s just funny.

Sure we want exacts. The link of the dude I posted - he is excellent at charting small and large movements.

might pick up several thousand ada in however long it takes to withdraw ETH interest payment from

If pomcatel is right and we hit 5 cents then he will get to load up we climb up to #5 or #6 on cmc and price still going pump come staking

So many people in crypto world haven’t even thought about cardano lately they were told it was a scam once they see Coinbase they will do some research and we get more fomo

Hoskinson’s been waiting for this for 5 years, the code is ready and they are going tommake a splash at the event

Charles will be leader of USA

It’s not just empty fomo though

It’s people realizing the value

He will btfo commies

trump 2020 baby

only thing i have to worry about are capital gains taxes from this crypto profit... No income tax and no property tax if i own a home in nj, va, fl, or tx.. Trump winning 2020 mean nothing to me

And they have a plan for 1 billion users people say he travels yeah he travels meets with heads of state and builds communities around the world, massive adoption is coming

Ada $7.50 eoy guys

Jefferson ₳irplane
So many people in crypto world haven’t even thought about cardano lately they were told it was a scam once they see Coinbase they will do some research and we get more fomo

I think the reality is that a lot of the newer speculation has been driven by hype. Zilliqa, digibyte, link there are lots of them. Also cardano is pretty much invisible outside of the 80,000 strong community.

A lot of fud videos that are straight up lies did change minds

But once they do the research they will realize they were wrong and the price will make them read about it

Charles will send it

Change of plans: stack ADA with monthly interest payments while waiting to go all into $0.02 ada

Big price move is at least 4 to 6 months away. It's just how investing works. You get in early, you wait and wait, many drop out chasing rockets then a wave of progress lifts it out of early adoptor into utilization and BOOM!