Great job IOHK!

Have u try sell ADA at this moment?? It is strange... If you know that it's releasing the mainnet...

another super dump like the prehalving one? doesn't affect me any longer, my coins are locked up. / CRO. Smells like a Ponzi scheme

People get excited because they offering 12%. It’s not sustainable

What will happen to ADA if BTC dumps to 8k? 😀

Ada has passed a threshold it will never go under .07 again

What will happen to ADA if BTC dumps to 8k? 😀

I might dumps a bit, but holds it's value well. 7-8 cents.

ADA price held up well through the recent BTC dumps. It should have been lower.

Two colors dictate my being. green is happy, red is sad. 🙊

Letting emotion rule you is the way to lose all your coins.

i never understood those hand signs on every selfie

especially the sideways "v" sign

hopefully i'm wrong

but i don't feel like we'll see a substanial pump leading up to the summit/after

I don't see any volume

You’ll be happy with the results in a few days Mac

100k cases a day on the way

I will call police

There are no more police to call

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Two days until pump city

Please don't abuse the report command 😒