Money in the bank is so safe that the government even need to remind us how safe it is


we just had the run on toilet paper, now imagine if its with the bank

There's not enough paper cash in the banks to meet demand if people decide to hoard physical dollars... that'd be the biggest problem... beyond the panic/hysteria. Because the FED has promised to print infintiely there will always be enough digital dollars.

They can print paper too

Problem becomes when the paper is more expensive than the money it's printing

So inflation will cause things like smallest bill being 100 dollars

And then having 10,000 dollar bills

print it is more expencive.

they want to make the digital dollar in the stimulus bill

no quarter any more

Digital dollar cos the banks are insolvent

Need a centralized replacement

amazon or google dollar

they should print the dollar on toilet paper

always a paper in reserve. no toilet run needed

And people talk about the fed printing money....🤣🤣🤣

Dollars back to nothing, better hold gold..

Gold also will fall

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Whole world is dropped.

I dont think so woth the 2 trillion

Gonna drop

Don't think so. Traditional markets seeing the beginning of a bounce. Congress about to pass a $2T stim bill. I think we're about to see a relief rally

Fethi Anane
Will see will see about that

Markets don't move in straight lines.. both traditional and crypto had a massive week of losses .... while I do not feel certain that this is the bottom, I do think we are going to see a relief bounce and DJI back at 23k and BTC moving towards $8k before the next potential drop.

Maybe, but still don't see it

Peoples are saying that the aid will be one time payment, so we will see if that true and what will happen

We will get a one time payment and people on SS will get a bump up on their checks of $200 until the end of 2021! And if it goes on longer we will get another check! It’s day by day!!

How is it possible that the majority of people in the US doesn't have a saving account to provide for atleast 3-months in times of need?

Go back a billion seconds and you'd be in 1987. Go back a trillion seconds and you'd be around 30,000 B.C. Good luck trying to use your iphone.