OMG Trumps policies are going to kill 5 million Americans 😢

You mean this one where the dems try to insert endless garbage into a bill to “help” Americans? Right.

We can play both sides here. Not what this channel is for.

I’ll +1 my own comments. Lol
you never see btc go to 100k

Just like you'll never see ADA go to $1. No. 16 on CMC, no commercial product in production, no customers. This tortoise is running out of juice.

Positive group today...

i am positiv :)

Ranting about trolls and wikipedia. Waste of energy

Call me P


I believe ADA will come down a little after this small rally

Lol we came from 600! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Ranting about trolls and wikipedia. Waste of energy

Agreed, jared always goes after trolls and makes it worse

Ignore trolls people will see cardano good in time

increase of btc.d is significant

i would recommend to buy ada, we're close to break 0.03 cents

cause btc broke 6700 and is in a sideway movement, somebody of us has to stay bullish :)

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Pretty sure it's not fud at this point

Anyways we get nothing from negativity. I'm rekt and decided its just my fault, I was thinking about adding to my bag, but will do so depending on Byron release

Stating facts is not being negative

Anyway I'd be careful adding funds to any coin now, covids just getting started and the world is gonna be In alot of hurt, most ppl are oblivious to how fucked they r

Goguen 2021 is what I think will happen and then clients etc.

World economy collapse trumps any release by some block chain

0.03 cents, here we go

I already bought Friday

Lol... hard to believe this is a real tweet from the FDIC.

imagine if bitcoin dumped 30%, and ppl demanded reimbursement