i was totally wrong the average holder too


Whole market red dildos :(

We prefer green dildos! :D

How many ada holders are there?

0-1000 ada and that is 37.8% of all holders

and idk how many holder there are

I am new to the Cardano project. I had my ADA coins on the exchange at the time that snapshot was taken. How am I going about getting a TestNet wallet with the actual number of ADA coins that I have?

Yeah that is true

u cannot even have a dinner with 1000 ada

Sure you can, there’s lots of good places where you can eat formidably for 70$- ish. 👌

They should’ve come out with Yoroi a long time ago so stoked to have my cardano on ledger now

And they updated ledger finally to hold more than 3 apps

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u cannot even have a dinner with 1000 ada

I cant believe 40% holders only holds 1-1000 ada. 🥴 how the big volume??? There must be a lot of holders who holds more than 1.000.000 ada.

just check the rich list on adascan

Those lists are for addresses, not for owners. Most holders have multiple adresses, often dozens.The list means close to nothing in terms of real distribution among owners.

Im just showing whats happening on the 1hr xhart now that we sre in a range

How u think guys, will we hit 700sats today? :)

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Yeah, never 100% waterproof. But it's fun to have some approximations to go with. 👍

Sure, I love looking at the rank myself.

Unfortunately I'm confident there are way more millionaires than the list reveals. Oh well.

Daniel - INFLW
Unfortunately I'm confident there are way more millionaires than the list reveals. Oh well.

Yeah,it's fun to watch/use as a tool, but I reckon there's also quite a lot of exchange addresses (possibly hundreds of secondary cold wallets/storages) that ought not to be included either.

just check the rich list on adascan

Can you post the link please. Cant find it on adascan sorry. Thanks

Both in Daedalus and Yoroi, when you set up a transfer (as the receiver) you have the option of generating a new address.

Many of us are concerned with privacy, so we generate one address pre transfer.

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Will Yoroi mobile show the amount rewarded in the last epoch in the future? or am I missing something now, as I only see total reward?

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Just reminding everyone this is the trading gram.

consolidated 665+ for one day, market looks green including bitcoin(or at least not dumpy) I think we reach 690 again today

not that it's a bold claim, only 2% up