Try reinstalling as there are no reported problems with Yoroi mobile at all

Check your mobile is running the latest software too

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Yoroi Mobile is working

I am using it now. It’s cool. These guys deserve all the thanks

Ok, now its fine. I reinstalled the app in app store 👍🏻

Brilliant! Great work, big thank you to the emurgo team!!

Thank you, Emurgo!

When mobile staking?

In 2019, #EMURGO participated in more than 35 conferences in 13 countries across the globe. These events provided a platform for sharing #blockchain solutions and for fostering new partnerships. Here are some highlights ⤵️

Why Tezos sitting on top of Ada?

Because they already have kind of governance and mainnet

Your wrong or you sold and wanne buy lower. :) dangerous play. Tomorrow 0.0780$ watch out.

Dr No
EMURGO’s Yoroi Cardano Wallet, EMURGO Co., Ltd mean this wallet?

Can we trust this wallet?

And how to stake on phone?

And how to stake on phone?

restore your rewards wallet in the Yoroi wallet..its very simple to do.

Hello guyz I created new Shelley testnet wallet on yoroi mobile wallet

Cannot see my balance in it

Before this I never staled my ada neither created Shelley wallet

Was waiting for yoroi-mobile update

Now when I created..couldnt see my balance to delegate my ada to stakepools

But yes you can definitely trust yoroi

Who can help me

Did you restore your rewards wallet or create a new wallet?

When I restored my reward wallet couldn’t see balance either so I thought may be i have I create new testnet wallet and my balance would seem their and then I can delegate my ada’s

But dint worked out for me

This is probably a conversation better suited in #support

This is probably a conversation better suited in #support

For technical support questions, such as wallet issues, please join our Community Tech Support chat here: @CardanoCommunityTechSupport Thank you!

Thanks for understanding.