hi, why is y wallet download of blockchain so slow? is that normal?

your telling me cordano solved every other problem except for this? i was so hopeful

nope you guys solved alot more complex problems, you have an awesome team, I want to report this, I think its an emprovement thats needed!

okay.. im still learning about cordano, is everything open source?

what was the ico price? anyone know?

was it only Japan?

so there was KR koria, CN china, TH thailand, Malaysia, Philippines

just reading from the charts..

I dont know why not the rest of the world? are you telling me it was only limited to asia? could someone living outside participate?

thats okay, dosnt really answer the question of why it wasnt open to outside of asia?

im not attacking the project, i think it has great team and features..

100s of other ICOs in EU and US

what do you mean?