Hey admins, I've been banned by all your groups without a reason, may I know why?

oohh arent you the admin of that troll channel? lol funny you ask why you are banned here, while anyone assisted to this group is banned on '@cardano' without any explanation??

well , I guess its upto admins here...I find it strange that all the official channels admin are banned there...n for amount of c**p that channel has, giving it a bad surely can tweak your rules to be a bit more appropriate and mature for the space (eg: the trading group here, which is pretty relaxed, not too restricted)

the only moderation in the troll group is for sharing tg links

glad to hear that :) someone from admin group will be here soon to address

@Katsumot0 @vsubhuman could someone review the actions of our admin (Silviu) in trading channel? I dont care about right/wrong ..but looks the usual bear market reactions/debates turned into kick spree, the only problem is its not consistent as silviu himself is violating the rules for which he kicked others...need to have better control over emotions🤦🏼‍♂

everday 100s of people say things..we all get triggered , fwiw, I do agree with some of the things you said..but I feel its just that when you as an admin get into those heated discussions, furthest you should've used is mute for x time..Just worried it portrays bad image for the moderation , which I really like in these groups btw

Samuru 棚瀬
Just cos I was wrong in the past, doesnt mean we (I) sould be tolerating stuff like - ada will go to 1 c, no even shelley or staking will help

its crypto...people stay stupid stuff...there are trolls..even in general group... they havnt even recieved a warn only point being , this gives a very bad impression to community.. portraying you as too strict (which is typically not the case, but things were heated I suppose😊)

stupid, troll -> referring to other people who are still active...time to time in groups... again a warn/mute or disengaging yourself from convo for a bit could've been better?

just what you've done...1 warn at a time😄👍🏼