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I actually almost exclusively post in Stake Pool Workgroup and Cardano Dutch & Flemish

Ah wait might it be because I shared the link to a config file I make using the hosts from ?

I shared some google drive links with itn db chain files and config file that gets updated every half hour ? Something to do with it ? Otherwise I wouldn't know what I did wrong. No worries lets just wait for @Katsumot0 or @Byres

Michael F (VIBE |
Was it spam ? Could you share the spam in DM ? Will stop sharing links 👍

Links are fine, I'm not sure if you were spamming, but encouraging users to use unverified db chains and the like will not go well.

Just be mindful of the content of your posts please.

Hey do you have cardano? I wanna start a pool one day wondering if u wanna maybe aswell?

Hey mate - I would use the report function built in to telegram DMs if this user contacted you without prior conversation.

Hello guys, this is an appeal to ambassadors. ADAGO is a pool born at the beginning of the testnet, which has always supported Cardano and will continue to do so. But currently he has lost a lot of stakers from up to 80 million ada to 6.7 right now. If anyone could support us it would be fantastic. Thanks and apologize for the offtopic

My pool has been running for almost 40 epochs, I haven’t produced a single block because it takes around 1 mil ADA. Help me instead 😉

hi @musmen03, please forward a message to this channel

Restrictions lifted. You should be able to talk now @musmen03

his name is michael smith

Can you share his telegram username and forward some messages here?

Is this enough to report a scam user?

User name is @ b_mason, contacted me from within the German official Cardano Channel, obviously trying to scam

Thanks! I just let it run a few minutes until there was sufficient proof, in 9 out of 10 cases on direct messages it is a scam attempt lol

Thanks andy, any idea what caused the issue? there were no links or media in the post. Not sure what to avoid.

@yovirus You are now banned from the technical support channel. If you don't want to be associated with this project fine, but no need for the slander. You will get yourself banned very quickly. Have constructive discussions.

Trust break every time

Hey guys, time to block mister alista black @alistablack who's obviously a scammer