Listen you son of a bitch.. If you have issue then don't watch my chat

@Lgbeano please take care of that user. hes spamming the channel since about 1-2 hours

tried it was deleted the first post

Ah OK Has the triple€ shill gone too ?Need to pick these fools up quicker Last thing cardano needs at the moment is folks saying its worthless buy XXX Its a bit more than disturbing that link and the like are being touted in the cardano channel to be fair

There is a fake Cardano foundation YouTube account

Reported the video

Can't report the account

Thank you, that's all you can do. There have been loads of them

Trading channel

Looking at the logs it looks like Katsumoto banned you for being very abusive, using foul language. Not sure the CF will un-ban you. @Katsumot0 will be his decision

I apologized and was told i would get unbanned by the end of this week tho....😅😢

a telegram channel call "Cardano Official " is doing a giveaway scam, send ada get more ada back kinda deal. At least i think its a scam, i was afraid to actually open the links they provided

I argued with the guy about politics but stopped when asked

Not sure. I can just see your messages from our logs. Best to just wait for Katsumoto to look at the reason why you're on Hal

Well I’m sorry either way I there was a lot of arguing and I stoped when Admins ask... I’m literally 90% of my portfolio in Ada this is all I pay attention to

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Dick Kings
No answer from anyone I’m an active community member please?

Note that your ban wasnt initiated from any of the Cardano groups - HAL ban is across different projects

I was in a new eth group for like ten minutes to find out about the failed test net and was banned

hi everyoneI come from Vietnam, I want to send a warning to everyone about the new extremely sophisticated scam, it is not only involves technology, but also hits the victim's psychology.I would like to tell a story about a group of traders, including a friend who has just been stolen over $ 150k by a hacker from Bincance exchange, everyone can read and raise guard. That trick is as follows:

In this case, the account owner's computer may have been infected with a virus from the hacker. So all information on the computer from Binance accounts, Gmail passwords, ... has been tracked and hackers have all. The machine can be infected by clicking on a certain link on the network so it has been tracked.On August 2, the account holder was logged into Binance normally, the account was thrown out. The reason is that hackers get information about their password, password, .. they log in on purpose so this situation occurs.At this time, the account owner is a bit suspicious and carefully changed all information from google Authen code, email password, add phone number to secure the account.On August 2, the account holder deposited into Binance was $ 11,111. Because the account holder's computer is being monitored, the hacker knows that the account holder has just added $ 11,111 on August 2. Hackers conducted using Binance Email Phishing (Phishing attack). The content is as follows.Your account is suspected of “Money Laundering”, account information needs to be verified. (Purpose to obtain information and hijack the account holder)-Because the account owner suspects that there is no message to provide information, so at 3:00 am on August 3, the hacker changed all the Binance account information to take over the account holder, implementing the withdrawal intent. The binance floor discovered something wrong, so it locked this account.The account owner finds that his account is locked, and does not understand the reason, misunderstand that because the previous day, he received the email without verification, so he was locked.The account owner does not know it is a fake email sent by the hacker, so he has followed the instructions Provide id, photo ID to hacker.And when you have these things, Hackers naturally get your information and like the person who owns the account. Hacker contacted Binance Support exchange and worked as account holder to execute withdrawal plan.Account holders receive a notification that their Binance account will be opened after 48 hours.-After the account was opened, at 7:00 am on August 6, the hacker tried to withdraw money from this account, so the Binance floor implemented the account protection mechanism, so it locked again. (Certainly the account owner's computer is being monitored, so even if you change the password, secure the account, the hacker can still enter)At this time, the Biannce floor sends the email account owner to request to Verify face to withdraw money. Only to confirm that the account holder is allowed to withdraw money.The account holder sent a message to Support and support also requested to do the same (because the email asked Verify to have the correct face from the real Binance floor).In essence, the account owner's account is locked because the hacker is logged in, but the account owner thinks that because he didn't provide verification information, he is locked. Because of misunderstanding so do follow the words of Support verify face.The account holder thought that Verify face would be unlocked so he followed this request. When the account owner Verify faces, the hacker withdrawal will officially be confirmed successfully. At that time, I realized that I was tricked by hackers through the form of Email PhishingHacker's plan is very sophisticated, surpassed the support platform Binance, and the account holder also provided all information, including Verify face, the result was wiped out $ 150,000.

Hi there is a scam group called Cardano Oficila

I reported it as scam and left the group.