...yes, after 24hrs. Please use the time to get to know some more details about our channels and blockchain as a whole, provided in the pinned messages. Thanks!

hi, why is y wallet download of blockchain so slow? is that normal?

Hello Cardano blockchain 3.0

how do i can check startup building on the blockchain ADA????

how do i can check startup building on the blockchain ADA???? pl sr

Is cadano not a decentralized blockchain?Why is telegram closed?I want to ask: how do i can check startup building on the blockchain ADA???? pl sr

how do i can check startup building on the blockchain ADA???? pl sr. at EOS blockchain I CAN ask all list startup on only one website

your blockchain deverop slowly. why?????

Cardano, a fully open source decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. @AndreasHe statement looks odd in the context

Also, please do review the #rules.
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