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Bill Gate Lacagta Mustaqbalka Dunidu waa Dhijitaal Bitcoin $10500 ku sii wajahan maxaytahay sababta

I really can’t imagine. These are selling the services of trading bitcoin with crazy 1:200 leverage. Is there any other crazier sales? A single spike n all your money is gone! :(

It’s likely not even a service - just a scam.

Yeap too good to be true types I saw one pay $35 get $2000 bitcoin investments :)

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If the offer a direct ada for fiat service then go for it. If not its usually bitcoin first then you sell the bitcoin for ada. Look up your countries exchange offerings

Cheers guys, this guy is in Cardano [email protected]

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Top network has mining farm and mine bitcoin, they process bitcoin transaction, give signals for a profitable trading and also develop blockchain and android softwares for programmers

I have 1.35 bitcoins on the site but I cant withdraw

I can give you a link to the website of the company,principal and earnings returned too, bitcoin ,ethereum ,can be invested and withdrawn with a minimum investment of $50

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Acen accept Bitcoin, perfect money, ethereum or payeer.

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