Are you have any issue as regards to staking ?

Have not thought about it yet.. new to crypto. How are the rewards?

It depends on the amount of Ada token you have decided to stake

Did you checked your potential reward here?

Quite lucrative

Where can i participate?

In which cardano wallet do you have your Ada token?

Or do you have it in an exchange wallet?

Need to transfer


So you create a new wallet address in,then you transfer them over to the created wallet

Ok and how do i participate in staking then

All what you will need to do participate is available within the wallet

Since you are new,I will walk you through the process step-wisely so you done miss any important step

dont bother my answers... :) playing around

Unfortunately that account is hidden. No official will contact you, so just block and delete anyone who does. They are trying to scam you

Thanks for forwarding those messages mate.

yes i know. i read about the guy in another Cardano channel so i wanted to report

Right thing to do 👍 cheers.

even the same profile picture... this ****. see you

I was flagged for using course language, but I didn’t use course language. I censored a word I repeated, and replied to a comment that included a course word someone else wrote. I wasn’t told exactly what the course language I was accused of using was. Was told to seek clarity here..

Yeah, 'Facef*ck' is not censoring and is in no way acceptable for a public channel

Please use some decorum moving forwards

It was a reply to someone who said it uncensored

Thank you for understanding. If you can forward the original message I will be happy to issue that user with a warn also

The world "shit" is considered "vulgar" I suppose.

I didn't like the article, expressed my feelings.

All 3 of the latest articles charles posted, have all been twisted in some way, incredibly sad to see.

Advertising memes

I used to face loss untill i met @Georgeisabell and help me recover my loss from fake brokers and I earn the average of $15,000 In just 5 business @Georgeisabell

Unfortunately we can't ban people for messaging you

Ask her if she has any 'investment opportunities', that usually does the trick

So many of these.

They all have the same strategy, must be 3rd world click farm somewhere.

Microsoft tech support scammers moving into crypto space.

I'll like to report an abuse of power

Aryan Xebat
I'll like to report an abuse of power

So let me get this straight. First of all you get into a heated argument with someone who has the exact same name and avatar (where you both already could have gotten a warn). Secondly and as I told you that conversation was really confusing and we just have enough tooling to just see who is who. I then muted both of you with the request to change your names and here we are. One situation resolved but now I am a power abuser?

And about that comment that having different names is not in the guidelines? So is a lot not in the guidelines. We expect users to use some common sense