Then I was immediately banned
Ok I’ve unbanned you, we don’t allow links to be posted under the first message upon joining our channel, hence the ban. Also the official channel isn’t the best place for such a link, we have a dedicated trading channel for that, hope this helps 😁👍

I can give you a link to the website of the company,principal and earnings returned too, bitcoin ,ethereum ,can be invested and withdrawn with a minimum investment of $50

We'll never be done kicking their ass ^^

Honestly I don't know why, maybe not everyone reports them.....

Hello Admin, can you tell me which group to join about a question on the Yoroi Shelley testnet? Thanks

Hi, would like to get in contact with the representative for Soutjlh Africa.

Desert Fruit [South Africa Node]
Hi, would like to get in contact with the representative for Soutjlh Africa.

As far as I know there are no representative for specific countries. Can you provide a little more information about what you are hoping to achieve?

Hi Matthijs, we are SME in financial services that would like to explore possibility to build a project on Cardano.

Yep, otherwise I would probably recommend reaching out to Cardano Foundation directly

How can I link my Italian mate to the Italian language cardano official page please?

Grazie amico perfetto

Yeah I noticed we are similar group Cardano Official

Please kick Sharon, she's in Cardano official

hi Admin, can you please unban me at Cardano Developers, i thought links from Cardano official website are allowed. I included a link to Cardano website in my message and I suddenly got kicked. Thanks.

Hi Admin, i made an inquiry on Cardano Trading group on ADA and was immediately kicked.

Try now @FirdausAlan

I am in! Thank you!

Hi admin, can you unban me at cardano trading? I tried to ask a question with URL in the message and got kicked out. Thank you in advance.

Who need Macbook Air 2015 RAM 8GB Core-i7? Ready $130 bitcoin and pm !!!!!

Hello I think similar thing happened to me I posted an error message from my node and I got kicked out maybe something on the error appeared as link

Have you heard about trade pay invest