Telegram really should have a way of allowing real projects to be the only entities permitted to create a telegram channel with the word OFFICIAL in it's title.Telegram are desperately in need of what Charles was mentioning he'd do for Twitter

Ban this user please.

Hello user Welcome to Cardano support, If you have questions or need help don’t hesitate to ask me

Hello, my ada are in Daedalus hard wallet, can I let them there and not touching them ? Second, what to do after the hard fork ? ( will appear a link for downloading a new Daedalus wallet in the hard wallet ?Than what will happen to the old Daedalus wallet ? It will delated automatically ?So will be 2 Daedalus wallets and I will need to transfer ADA from old one to the new one? Please

*The hard wallet is Trezor if there is any meaning

i think you posted in the wrong channel.

Where should I post it than?

Is writing that can’t send any messages until after the hard fork

If Somone can answer this will appreciate 🌸

Just read the pinned message in Cardano Official channel, there's a lot of answers

Hi! Unfortunately I can't join any of the Cardano groups, because they are shown as private in the telegram. Do I need an invitation? Or what is the problem?


@JoshhM @Scottycoins1, not the forwarded message as that is from Robert himself

Report to names cheap

So they could take down the domain

Email namescheap

Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]

We can take them down

All of you email the names cheap

Report the website to them

Hi, good night!

I cant post pics

I cant post pics
Please correct your telegram settings as per

Ok thanks but i want to report the website

Thanks, the scam website is:https://cardanogift.liveCC: @AndreasHe @Katsumot0 found this in the comments on Charles Shelly video Diabolical liberty Report to the extreme

I think this got lost in transit yesterday in the chaos. The new Daedalus wallet 2.0 shows on first start a red box about the Byron to Shelley Migration. Here is a Link "Learn more" which points to This link is down at the moment. Might confuse some users

Pls remove from Cardano Official

Where are you from?

The link learn more doesn’t work !!!