Pls report his youtube

Youtube on purpose doesn't bann

Take a look at TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube):

Report them also on twitter

Jamón Serrano (TaKeAbItE)
Sended 100K

Omg, that's sad... So it's not a faked transaction

Who sent him 100k

he sent 100K to the advertised address in the YouTube video

Pls alert group of these scams

Report the twitter youtube

They are purposely not banning giveaways

told u to go erd last day and ada dump like always

Johnny ₳D₳ Seed
told u to go erd last day and ada dump like always

Can we ban this guy. I told him to stop constantly shilling yesterday

Erd is pump and dump scam

Ada is supreme project pls report

Jean-Rique Verdon

Can you forward a message into here please, that way we can find the user 😁👍

Jean-Rique Verdon
are you kidding?

Nope, he’s not in the German group (just checked) Also the picture you sent here doesn’t have a user name so I can’t find the guy on telegram without a forwarded message. Unless you can provide me with his UUID number. Many accounts like this use proxy accounts embedded within our channels, which make it impossible to track them. So again without a direct line (forwarded message) to their account there’s nothing I can do.

Chris [STR8) has already kicked him out.

Yes I removed the user in the German Group via the moderation interface, I assume remove is just a local activity and no group wide ban like when you reply to a message to ban

yup sorted alright 🍻

Got this joker contacted me Tried to get them to send me 100$ but they not going for it Total scammers saying met me in official but don't know what ADA is ?????

Feel free to get rid of them

We need actual msg forwards, not screenshots, if you'd like us to take care of them. 👍 Thanks for the help.

Ah pants I blocked them 😂I'll remember next timeIts happening 2/3 times a day at the moment I usually just block but I'm getting annoyed now

Guys plz be carefull...I just got added to a group named Cardano Official - same as this

Erh same as the offial one 😂

Can you pls help me to let me write in cardano trading is showing admin restricted to write me there...since I joined it, as it is