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i have been banned from the main group why is still do not know

You mean the “old” main group?

Exactly - you can join the new Cardano General group now

Fresh start😊

This isn't the right channel to ask these questions. Please join the respective channels available, in the pinned msg.

Thanks in advance.

I want to know if Chinese group is muting most of members for long term

Because the pinned message said that we are only muted in next 24hours, but obviously mere talking here, and I am still muted after 24h

Z Light
Because the pinned message said that we are only muted in next 24hours, but obviously mere talking here, and I am still muted after 24h

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on an automated solution for unrestricting new users after 24h. It is done manually at the moment, and I have unrestricted all recently joined users. 👍

Guys - this is the “Cardano Report to admin” channel

Please see pinned message for all the Cardano channels

Hi, One user in Cardano Trading flooding and spreads panic around ADA, by repeating same words, like a bot. Do you have restrictions or rules for this? User name: K


Done. Thanks for pointing it out!

Point well taken. And yes, the 'old' channels have been changed and are closed at the moment. 👍

Jung Young wook, He didnt stop using bad word

Thanks, I will restrict him for violation of the channel rules!


He has been restricted for 1 week. Please let me know if he/she violates the channel rules again. Repeating offenders will receive a ban.

Can I post in @CardanoDevelopersOfficial please?

It's done, go ahead. 😉

I was blocked in the trading official group

Unsure why? Believe it’s a misunderstanding. Could someone unblock