Hi, for some reason, I'm unable to post screencaps and it's only the cardanotrading. Is this something on the admin end that you guys can fix or is it on my side?

On the tradinggroup

Tony --- ₳

If you could get as far as getting their domain that would be great. We have someone dedicated(ish) on the scams from our side

Yes that’s what it’s not working, you can access your yoroi wallet via their web link or possibly Daedalus wallet with your 15 word phrase but as far as I’m concerned, daedalus is so slow, I recommend that you use the web link with your 15 word phrase.

I hate these guys. You can't wish anyone's death, it's unethical, but I wish them genital herpes.

Josh (Verifiy my user name @JoshhM)
Was this via DMs?

Was via DM i think cause yesterday i asked in one of the cardano groups whats the safest wallet.

Ahh okay I see, well from that message it’s not enough to issue a ban, and he may have himself been targeted by the fake Fabian. If he sent you a link then that would be different. If you hear or see anymore though then please let us know as usual! These reports are a great help... as you can imagine as an admin they tend not to message us directly 😂

Well the smarter ones don’t anyway

Tony --- ₳
Wait, what? ':D

Yep, i took the time to take a pic of my penis and i always send it to scammers, as a thanks for their "help"😎