Создан рейтинг криптовалют по активности их разработчиков на GitHub Согласно рейтингу портала Cryptomiso, наибольшую активность проявляют проекты Cardano, Lisk, Waves, 0x, EOS. Биткоин занял 7-ое место, Ethereum - 41-ое, а Ripple - 104-ую строчку.

А что тут можно обсуждать кому надо уже купили,

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✅ Main news of the day!🚀 Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) has launched the long-awaited sale of his cryptocurrency ♎️ Libra for ordinary users. With its help, it will be possible to transfer money within the Facebook and Telegram applications, as well as to pay for goods in partner stores. Or just sell it on the stock exchange and exchange it for dollars. ♎️ 🚀 One token is now worth $0.008. The price will increase as the tokens run out. Most likely, during the next month, the price will fix at the level of 10-15$ for one token Libra. ♎️ 🚀 Recall that the project has attracted more than 4 billion dollars from well-known funds, the project was invested by a huge number of companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and about 200 others. ♎️

the magic of reading docs

the python stdlib is awful