요즘에는 일본쪽 거래소에 적극적으로 상장을 시도하고 있지만 NEM 해킹 문제로 일본에서 거래소 감사가 실시되고 있어서 상장 기준이 바뀌어서( 혹은 미정이라) 상장에 시간이 좀 걸리고 있다고합니다.

자신의 지분을 위임하거나 스테이크 풀로 활동할 수 있는 건은..

우로보로스 프로토콜 그거 NEM인가 EOS측에서 되게 깠던걸로 기억해요

그건 이더나 NEM 제외하면 많은 프로토콜이 그렇잖아요?

펀디엑스는 제프리존스 이사장과 함께 론왕(Lon Wong) 넴재단( Foundation Ltd)의 사장, 켄지사사키(Kenji Sasaki) 카르다노(Cardano) 공동 설립자를 새롭게 자문위원으로 위촉했다고 30일 밝혔다.

상위권 코인의 프래그래밍 언어 1 비트코인 C++, 파이썬 2 이더리움 GO, C++, 자바, 파이썬 3 비트코인 캐시(Bitcoin Cash_Bitcoin ABC) C++ 4 라이트코인(Litecoin) C++ 5 리플(Ripple)7 C++ 6 이오타(IOTA) 자바 7 대시(Dash) C++ 8 넴(NEM) 자바 9 모네로(Monero) C++ 10 비트코인골드(Bitcoin Gold) C++ 이상

궁금해서 묻는건데요. nemex 거래소는 어떤거래소길래 투표에 열정적인신가요? 이미 에이다는 상장할만한 곳은 다 상장하지않았나요?

[네모랩(Nemolab), 제 1회 카르다노 블록체인 개발자 모임 개최]신뢰할 수 있는 암호화폐 블록체인 뉴스텔레그램구독 : 💌
@onemichaelrossi 님의 트윗을 확인해 보세요.
EMURGO & Blockchain for Europe: "At the end of 2018, five blockchain heavyweights joined forces to create Blockchain for Europe, an effort “to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry at [the] European level.” The initial committee of RIPPLE, NEM, EMURGO/CARDANO, BLOQ, and Fetch. AI hosted a summit ..." CONTINUE reading about Blockchain for Europe...

QTUM, NEM 같은 애들 개발 동향 알면 더 도움되고요

Adding incentives to the testnetWhen Phase 2 is complete, we will have a stable network: a decentralized testnet platform running across multiple nodes. Then we will commence the third and final phase, the incentivized testnet. In reality, this is more than a testnet. Instead, it will effectively be a replica of the Cardano mainnet. We will take a UTXO snapshot of the mainnet state and migrate it to the testnet, offering Shelley era functionality within a controlled, sandboxed environment. This will be different from a typical testnet, however, since it will offer real rewards for delegating your ada stake. Jörmungandr will be decentralized, and every ada owner will be able to create stake pools or delegate their stake to a stake pool, and collecting their rewards. We’ll be sure to bring you further details of how this will all work a little further down the line. Once we are happy the protocol is stable enough to survive the harsh competition of the real world, we will merge the incentivized testnet rewards back into the Cardano mainnet. All the rewards generated during the Jörmungandr incentivized testnet will become real, live, spendable ada on the Cardano mainnet (so don’t lose the mnemonics of your stake keys!). Doing it this way will give us a realistic test of how the incentives model drives stakeholder and stake pool behavior, not to mention that stakeholders will be able to start getting rewards for holding their ada.

다시 보니 복원 단어에 대해서는 IOHK 블로그에 언급이 되어 있었군요. After the snapshot, you’ll be able to access your testnet wallet as you would your mainnet wallet – by entering your mnemonic phrase – to view your Incentivized Testnet ada balance.

There will be a separate Chrome extension you have to download on the 12thFor Yoroi Mobile, the mnemonic you use for the app is the exact same as the mnemonic for the Yoroi extension. So on the 12th, you will download the extension to verify the balance with the mnemonic you used for mobile

New Release! Yoroi's Balance Check app for Chrome and Firefox is here. 🏆These versions will be compatible with mobile wallets, via your Yoroi mobile mnemonic. Download below 👇 Chrome: Firefox: Happy Balance Checking!