Recently Nasdaq started displaying several cryptocurrencies on their market-activity website, including $ADA. This shows positive signs and developments towards crypto and blockchain adoption. Check it out here:
EMURGO’s Chief Business Officer Yosuke Yoshida to Speak at World Blockchain Forum Globalization Tokyo Meetup
'Will we see STOs on Cardano?'In this clip, EMURGO's PR Manager, Albert, and Social Media Manager, Zach, answer this frequently asked question about STOs on Cardano Blockchain. Check out the latest Q&A video here:
Blockchain Primer: The Path of Cardano’s ADA Towards Sound Money
Meet Puru: Building a Global Cardano as part of EMURGO’s Blockchain Advisory Team
Cardano Foundation is teaming up with IOHK, other influencers in the blockchain industry, and the University of Wyoming to foster the adoption of Cardano and smart contract development at the upcoming WYOhackathon in September! Join us and learn more here:
EMURGO To Join Blockchain For Europe Association On European Tour
【EMURGOより】ブルガリアで開催されるCardano 2周年アニバーサリーミートアップに続いて、EMURGOは、10月15日に東京でもCardano2周年とヨロイ1周年記念ミートアップを開催します。ブルガリアの振り返りもします!イベント詳細および登録については、以下のリンクをご覧ください。⬇️

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Cardano Foundationは、最新のCityAM エディションで、#blockchain業界の立法立案への関与と法的枠組みの重要性について説明しました。 ここから是非詳細を読んでいただき、ご確認ください。 (英語)#CardanoCommunity