Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados Two graduates share their experience of IOHK's functional programming course.
Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados Two graduates share their experience of IOHK's functional programming course
IOHK | Research; Dr. Peter Gaži, Ouroboros. Catch up presentation @here. IOHK's Research fellow, Dr. Peter Gaži presents a talk on Ouroboros. Filmed on location in Lisbon, Portugal at the IOHK Global Summit 2018. Developing a secure proof of stake algorithm is one of the big challenges in cryptocurrency. The Ouroboros protocol has the distinction of being the first proof of stake algorithm that is provably secure and has been peer reviewed at a leading cryptography conference, Crypto 2017.
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*IOHK | Ouroboros Genesis: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol* Ouroboros Genesis - New research for Cardano We’re very proud to announce Ouroboros Genesis, a new paper from the IOHK research team. This latest version of Ouroboros, the algorithm powering Cardano, is a step forward in the cryptography that powers cryptocurrency systems. In this video, filmed at the IOHK blockchain technology lab at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Kiayias explains the research. For the first time, new users joining the blockchain can bootstrap from the genesis block, and do not need a checkpoint block or any prior knowledge of the number of users active in the system. This feature was previously not possible in proof of stake distributed ledgers while it was a hallmark of proof-of-work protocols. This means that Ouroboros can now match the security guarantees of proof-of-work protocols like Bitcoin in a way that was previously thought infeasible.
This week, we attended #Eurocrypt2018 and we were proud to present our Ouroboros Praos research to this prestigious academic community, and it was also fantastic to meet the Cardano community here in Tel Aviv. @CardanoStiftung @cardanocom #Cardano #Ada The Ethiopian government is looking to overhaul its coffee supply chain and #Cardano Enterprise is a tool to do that. Read the story in @BitcoinMagazine @ahcastor #blockchain #fintech Why proof of stake matters, how Ouroboros is a solution, and third-generation blockchains. Watch IOHK_Charles on the @epicenterbtc podcast Third-generation blockchains and how to build them. Hearing the thoughts of people in the local tech scene has been a highlight of our trip to Kigali @IOHK_Charles @jjtoconnor #TAS2018 @RealSmartAfrica #SmartAfrica #BlockchaininAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #blockchain Hello to the new #Cardano community in Tunis.. great to meet you! @DarBlockchain #BlockchainAfrica #Tunisia #DiversityinBlockchain @azerfui @jjtoconnor @InputOutputHK @cardanocom @CardanoStiftung @mchakchouk @rv_inc has just won a @DARPA Assured Autonomy award, in partnership with @HRLLaboratories, @SCSatCMU, @ucsd_cse, and @IllinoisCS. The Assured Autonomy Program investigates ways to formalize and evolve functional and safety assurance for cyber-physical systems (CPS). Snuck a quick selfie whilst @IOHK_Charles and Ethiopian Minister of Science and technology signed an MoU to train developers and use Cardano to build agritech solutions. @CardanoStiftung @MoST_Ethiopia @InputOutputHK Cardano now has a formal specification for a wallet. We believe it's the first time that a cryptocurrency has had this #formalverification #Haskell #cryptocurrency @cardanocom A smart contract testnet for #Cardano will be out at the end of this month, followed by a second, the IELE Virtual Machine testnet, not so long afterwards. Check all the details at #smartcontracts #blockchain #formalverification EMURGO is recognized as APAC TOP 10 「BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER」by CIO Outlook!!! #ADA #Cardano #IOHK #EMURGO It's our last day Addis Ababa, it was truly inspiring and insightful to meet and learn from everyone here. Next stop, Rwanda We've arrived in Rwanda. Proud to be speaking at the first ever African Innovation Hub Convention and connect with those interested in #blockchain technology #TAS2018 #TAS18 @RCBrwanda @RealSmartAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #AIHC18 Watch the video of IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles speaking about Eurocrypt 2018, at this flagship conference, one of the most prestigious academic events in the cryptography field: #Eurocrypt2018 #blockchain #Cardano Want to see Charles? Be in London next Tuesday 14th May:

IronX is real! A joint cryptocurrency exchange between IronFX and EmurgoHK [eToroは、他のトレーダーの行動をコピーして顧客が取引できる会社です。] だそうです。トレード下手くそだからやってみたい😌

And meeting with some Japanese government officials about cryptocurrency innovation


Here's a video I did in Ethiopia on cryptocurrency in africa

IOHK | Symphony of Blockchains Launch event NEW VIDEO The award winning Symphony of Blockchains is an interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain. :iohk:


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Thruth bombs is not a fair description of the statements........Thanks Charles for all you do....because I strongly believe you and the IOHK team are bringing rigor to the crypto environment....and that is the legacy that you and the team will leave behind....

I couldn’t agree more. Charles and the team he’s put together at IOHK represent a paradigm shift from every other cryptocurrency that exists today. This is 100% the new way. Look at the craze in cryptos trying to start blockchain research labs at major universities like Ethereum. Cardano has done this from the start. The process behind peer-review and formal methods may not bear its fruit right now but down the road when Cardano has amazing security benefits, a sound incentives/staking protocol, plus self governance, we will all be thanking @Iohkcharles.. that’s a fact ビットコイン払いがどこでも可能に?米決済大手スクエア、仮想通貨支払いに関する特許を取得 この問題ひとつをとってもCARDANOの先見性とポテンシャルの高さがうかがえるんですけどね。

New Blog: Meet the Founders of dLab/EMURGO Startup, Catallact, who are building a Blockchain Analytics Engine for the Finance Industry. Paul and Dan, building the right thing means creating a tool that solves a clear problem: bringing meaning to data. Catallact is using AI and data science to achieve this goal. Public blockchains such as Cardano, generate huge amounts of data based on the flow of cryptocurrency trades. However, there is a lack of tools available to monitor, analyze and visualize this data. This makes it hard to identify certain types of trading behavior, such as trades performed by algorithms rather than by humans. Catallact is building the tools to understand the behaviors behind market flows. Continue reading.
#Cardano(#ADA)はモンゴル政府と協力して#counterfeit #drugsに取り組みます。契約は、#Cryptocurrency AssociationやMongolian Fintech Associationのような団体が参加する#Mlockolサミットの#Mongoliaで行われました。
おはようございます。長文失礼いたします。何だかおかしな流れになってますね。 僕は今、財団、エマーゴから離れたところから参加しているのでホルダー寄りの立場で考えます。(知らない人も多いと思いますので、簡単に自己紹介すると、2016年12月からカルダノ財団でコミュニティマネジメントに従事し、日本コミュニティの立ち上げ、運営、ヘルプデスクツアー、ミートアップなどを行う。2018年後半はエマーゴでコミュニティの仕事を継続し、2019年独立。カルダノアンバサダーとしてミートアップは継続中)開発の遅れはカルダノプラットホームがないから企業が参入できなくて困ります。だから一日も早くリリースして欲しいのですが、現在はテストネットにコミュニティのエンジニア達が参加し始めていてよい傾向だなと思います。こちらの記事を読めば、チャールズは充分な資産を持っており、お金がないから遅れている可能性は低いと思います。ヘルプデスクやミートアップなどの活動もいまだに精力的に予算を掛けて行っている会社がお金が無いとは思えません。また、開発が遅れていることに財団とエマーゴは関係ないと考えています。各社の役割についてはこちら。開発を進めてないと思う人はこちらをしっかり確認してはいかがでしょうか?ここで起きている疑問は、英語チャンネルでも起きている事は容易に想像できます。だからチャールズはGitHubを見て欲しいとツィートしてるのでしょう。中には、TrollやFUDも含まれていて、カルダノが完成したら困る陣営の妨害もあるのではないでしょうか?とも思っています。とにかく、このような情報をまずはよく調べてみて下さい。コミュニティは情報収集や意見交換の場でもあると思いますが、カルダノを信じ、応援している事を開発者達に届けたり、機関投資家が安心して投資できるように健全な状態に保っていく必要があると思います。コミュニティマネジメントを始めて2年半になりますが、ずっとそれを意識して来ました。チャールズやIOHK、財団、エマーゴの皆さんが、気持ちよく本来の仕事に集中してもらえるように、質問する側もそれなりの勉強をして聞くのがいいのではないでしょうか?そして、質問は丁寧にしませんか?ここはコミュニティです。「ステーキングは?」みたいな質問は友達の間でして欲しい。親しき仲にも礼儀ありです。AMAでは生放送なのでもっとフランクに聞けると思いますよ。英語の壁はありますが、本当に知りたい事は英語で質問して、答えを字幕出して自動翻訳すれば理解できます。今、開示されている情報だけでは足りないと思ったら、財団にリクエストすれば反映されるかもしれません。長文になりましたが、ご理解いただけましたら幸いです。
The Importance of the ADA Cryptocurrency to the Cardano Ecosystem
Recently Nasdaq started displaying several cryptocurrencies on their market-activity website, including $ADA. This shows positive signs and developments towards crypto and blockchain adoption. Check it out here:
Have you checked out The Cardano Effect's recent podcast episodes?They have released several great and informative episodes featuring:Caitlin Long joined their podcast to discuss the Wyoming Hackathon, the cryptocurrency landscape in Wyoming, the US government view on crypto and much more. Simon Thompson: senior research fellow at IOHK joined to talk about Marlowe, Plutus, and Haskell and how they will allow Cardano to make an impact in the financial world - Brünjes, PhD. Director of Education Team Haskell & Polina Vinogradova, formal methods software developer, both at IOHK joined to discuss and answer your questions about their new educational book, 'Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts'. a Weekly Cardano Recap here: the show! 🔥🤩
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ADAってどういう意味があるのかご存知の方いますか? XRPも銀行と提携しても関係なしみたいな感じですよね
Hello Cardano Community.As some of you might have seen today is that Cardano (and other cryptocurrency projects) are being targeted by scammers in a mass attempt.Please be aware of the following;We will never give away adaWe will never contact you first (Officials/Ambassadors/ModeratorsWe will never ask you to send your funds or ask for your private keyWe will never promise very big returnsRead more on our latest forum post: please report any scams you see at [email protected] or you - and stay safe.Cardano Foundation.