nope. you'll be able to restore with the mnemonic

or backup file. restoring from backup file should help retain the names of the accounts while mnemonics wouldn't

technically Cardano mnemonics might contain up to 48 words :)

Sebastien G fun-fact: ADA uses 1815 because that's Ada Lovelace's birthday

magic numbers to produce different addresses from the same randomness (mnemonics)?

when in doubt: empty mnemonic

omg, default mnemonic

Ruslan Dudin
they should have used :) "air air air air air air air air air air air air"

for anyone curious - that's not a valid mnemonic 🙂 But this one IS, tho 😆: "aim aim aim aim aim aim aim aim aim aim aim aim"

so you might try posting a wallet with your 27 mnemonics, and then polling periodically to check on its state )

can you post your full response (you can remove mnemonics)?

you need to send the list of mnemonics =)

Bip39, can I use a 3 word mnemonic as much as a 12 word mnemonic? I’m looking at Ian Coleman generator, you can select 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 words.

Refinement would make more sense

In regards to formal verification of the actual code written in smart contracts, what kind tooling can we expect? Is there some ability to use K to do such things? Are refinement types (since Charles said dependent types are not/they are using System F omega if I recall) going to be part of Plutus with the compiler supporting that? Or (which I assume is unlikely) is it going to be possible to use Coq or some other proof assistant with program extraction straight to Plutus?

Somebody from twitter commented the following: The limitation with Cardano is that offline transactions are not yet supported by the released wallets. Not being able to sign transactions offline means true institutional cold storage is not yet possible. What it means exactly is that you need to be able to export an unsigned transaction, take it to a computer that's never been (or will be) connected to the internet, load your private key, sign the transaction, bring the signed transaction to an online wallet, and broadcast it. If you cannot do that, then you cannot move your crypto without exposing your private keys to a online computer which significantly reduces security guarantees about the custody. Paper wallets simply refer to private keys (or mnemonic seeds) written down on a piece of paper. It doesn't imply anything about the ability to load those private keys onto an offline computer and sign exported transactions.

the type of the restored wallet will be determined by the number of mnemonics, from what I understand

somehow, with magic cryptography, i need the password to sign transactions for that wallet.

you mean so that the same password would be required by all clients even when you have restored the wallet from mnemonics?

But it's kinda similar to just encrypting your mnemonics with a password. Mechanism is basically the same )

So you can have your mnemonics engraved on a medallion or something, and then have one password that opens a small expendable wallet and another password that leads to actual hodlings

means Prometheus will already be providing that functionality that you might have multiple wallets from the same mnemonics, depending on the password

@mjackson001 says Prometheus produces 24 word mnemonics, which means they are using 256 bit

From what I understand, Prometheus should allow clients to create mnemonics of different sizes, since Yoroi, afaik, will produce 15-word mnemonics

When you say "prometheus" you mean the rust code we just linked to? That allows 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 word mnemonics.

Although the cardano-rust is still being developed, a lot is done - I have looked at the mnemonic/entropy (bip39), that works - the wallet and address derivation stuff looks like it works too (bip44).

gave him? they'd know the mnemonic tho - right?

@vsubhuman Question regarding mnemonics

also, fromDaedalusMnemonic function - is it about 12 words string? or you must use 15 words string here like in yoroi?

INCENTIVES AND DELEGATION TEAM The details below reflect the work taking place on incentives in Cardano. The information is taken from a presentation on staking given by Lars Brünjes, IOHK Director of Education, earlier in 2018, and shows the general direction of the research though there will be refinements and additions as the work progresses. the paper: Reward Sharing Schemes for Stake Pools. the blog post on Staking: Stake Pools in Cardano. the blog post on Sybil Attacks: Preventing Sybil Attacks. the technical specification: Delegation Design Spec.

to the question on why 6-word mnemonic phrases are not secure anymore

Javi Santos
Yes, i execute the wrong bin :) syncing blocks. I guess you don't know when cardano-cli will support testnet adresses. Some idea to do automated tests with testnet?

an example for attaching wallet to a testnet (and generate testnet address) via CLI:cardano-cli blockchain new ltestnet --template=testnetcardano-cli blockchain pull ltestnetcardano-cli wallet create --mnemonics-length 15 lwalletcardano-cli wallet attach lwallet ltestnetcardano-cli wallet sync lwalletcardano-cli wallet status lwalletcardano-cli wallet address lwallet 0 0

I thought there is DA WEY -
pro-tip:You can use replit to share snippets of Cardano WASM code with other people to easily answer developer questions like “how do I generate addresses for a mnemonic”

Also, even tho the encoding structure is the same, but the derivation schemes for path indexes are very different, so it's not like V2 is V1 minus the encoded path. They are completely separate address spaces, hence the difference in number of mnemonics between wallets

we don’t provide this for two reasons1) Allowing for 12-word input would confuse a lot of Daedalus users trying to migrate to Yoroi2) We don’t want to encourage users to enter their hardware mnemonic into Yoroi since this turns their cold storage into a hot wallet here is an example of generating addresses from a mnemonic
Simo ₿ [Idea doesn’t execute itself]
@sebastiengllmt is there a way to extract the 15 words yoroi from ledger 24 words?
no but you can turn 24 words into a private key if you know how to program (example here but I don’t recommend typing in mnemonics into a website )

is there a way (with JCLI) to get mnemonic restore phrases?

Michiel b
is there a way (with JCLI) to get mnemonic restore phrases?

No way, as the generated entropy; of which the mnemonics are based on; is hashed and/or BPKDF2-d and/or HMAC-Blake2b-d etc. (depends on the wallet's imp) uses one way functions. And that (sometimes called master secret) and it's derivatives are the keys.

Gertjan Smit

So essentially all you need to do is now create a new shelley testnet wallet..and keep the priv key/mnemonics safe and offline ..and use new wallet only from there on...your mainnet funds should not be affected or leaked if you havnt shared 12 word seed

Hey guys is there a way to get private key from mnemonic phrase?

(pls don’t type in your recovery phrase in a website. This is just meant as an example of how to use the webassembly bindings to get a master key from a mnemonic)

If I registered additional stake pools on ITN using only jcli to generate owner keys (no mnemonic phrase from cardano-wallet) will I be able to receive rewards afterwards on the mainnet?

evan Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Support Desk.I received an update from the Development teamWarningThe software is currently still in alpha phase, please do not use for any other purpose than debugging and testing, until stable releases are available.While most of the operations in the CLI is in a reading state, and are thus relatively safe even in the presence of bugs, do take special note that transaction send will permanently change your state.It ia advisable to trial testnet operations (depending on testnet availability), prior to completing mainnet operations.If you think something is suspicious, it may very well be the case. Check the documentation, or ask for help.Do not share your wallet mnemonics, passwords, cryptographic material, or pending signatures.We suggest moving all funds to a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet before the fork tonight