I like what polkadot does where they provide funding to community proposals, etc

Neo, Dash, and plenty others do this. It’s really time Cardano starts. And not just Emurgo owned projects... but independent ones.

I really think we should stop thinking about ADA as a currency. It really isnt. Its a blockchain platform. It will be a very robust one with great tools for other people to implement blockchain related projects on.There are some projects out there that are basically incapable of doing this but have instead focused on being cash (Dash and Divi come to mind), but cardano’s rise will be with the rise of projects on it, not as a cash replacement. The world isnt ready for crypto as cash quite yet, and i don’t think crypto is quite ready to be cash quite yet.

Rick McCracken
Collaborative voting will actually be useful as many people will be able to delegate their voting power to an expert of their choice.

I think its important to vote for political parties in the future, and not single projects. Its difficult to come to an agreement of where the funds should go .. and having one consistent strategy is important. When looking at Dash, I just think its a strategic mess of single projects 🤪 ... also I would love to see Cardano deversifying its ADA into real estate and other assets as a security against crypto winters 😂

Good point @ADATommy - I'm actually implementing that now - all of the pricing details are actually in the dashboard (once the user clicks "Review Subscription") but I agree, it should be on the home page

ah, it's Batulzii Dashtseen from Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia.

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