Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados Two graduates share their experience of IOHK's functional programming course.
Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados Two graduates share their experience of IOHK's functional programming course
IOHK | Research; Dr. Peter Gaži, Ouroboros. Catch up presentation @here. IOHK's Research fellow, Dr. Peter Gaži presents a talk on Ouroboros. Filmed on location in Lisbon, Portugal at the IOHK Global Summit 2018. Developing a secure proof of stake algorithm is one of the big challenges in cryptocurrency. The Ouroboros protocol has the distinction of being the first proof of stake algorithm that is provably secure and has been peer reviewed at a leading cryptography conference, Crypto 2017.

LEDGER WALLET In order for Cardano users to hold their Ada securely offline, we are building support for the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The first stage of this is to build the Cardano application that runs on the Ledger device itself. This stage has now been completed, working with Metalair, a leading blockchain consultancy.

*IOHK | Ouroboros Genesis: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol* Ouroboros Genesis - New research for Cardano We’re very proud to announce Ouroboros Genesis, a new paper from the IOHK research team. This latest version of Ouroboros, the algorithm powering Cardano, is a step forward in the cryptography that powers cryptocurrency systems. In this video, filmed at the IOHK blockchain technology lab at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Kiayias explains the research. For the first time, new users joining the blockchain can bootstrap from the genesis block, and do not need a checkpoint block or any prior knowledge of the number of users active in the system. This feature was previously not possible in proof of stake distributed ledgers while it was a hallmark of proof-of-work protocols. This means that Ouroboros can now match the security guarantees of proof-of-work protocols like Bitcoin in a way that was previously thought infeasible.
This week, we attended #Eurocrypt2018 and we were proud to present our Ouroboros Praos research to this prestigious academic community, and it was also fantastic to meet the Cardano community here in Tel Aviv. @CardanoStiftung @cardanocom #Cardano #Ada The Ethiopian government is looking to overhaul its coffee supply chain and #Cardano Enterprise is a tool to do that. Read the story in @BitcoinMagazine @ahcastor #blockchain #fintech Why proof of stake matters, how Ouroboros is a solution, and third-generation blockchains. Watch IOHK_Charles on the @epicenterbtc podcast Third-generation blockchains and how to build them. Hearing the thoughts of people in the local tech scene has been a highlight of our trip to Kigali @IOHK_Charles @jjtoconnor #TAS2018 @RealSmartAfrica #SmartAfrica #BlockchaininAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #blockchain Hello to the new #Cardano community in Tunis.. great to meet you! @DarBlockchain #BlockchainAfrica #Tunisia #DiversityinBlockchain @azerfui @jjtoconnor @InputOutputHK @cardanocom @CardanoStiftung @mchakchouk @rv_inc has just won a @DARPA Assured Autonomy award, in partnership with @HRLLaboratories, @SCSatCMU, @ucsd_cse, and @IllinoisCS. The Assured Autonomy Program investigates ways to formalize and evolve functional and safety assurance for cyber-physical systems (CPS). Snuck a quick selfie whilst @IOHK_Charles and Ethiopian Minister of Science and technology signed an MoU to train developers and use Cardano to build agritech solutions. @CardanoStiftung @MoST_Ethiopia @InputOutputHK Cardano now has a formal specification for a wallet. We believe it's the first time that a cryptocurrency has had this #formalverification #Haskell #cryptocurrency @cardanocom A smart contract testnet for #Cardano will be out at the end of this month, followed by a second, the IELE Virtual Machine testnet, not so long afterwards. Check all the details at #smartcontracts #blockchain #formalverification EMURGO is recognized as APAC TOP 10 「BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER」by CIO Outlook!!! #ADA #Cardano #IOHK #EMURGO It's our last day Addis Ababa, it was truly inspiring and insightful to meet and learn from everyone here. Next stop, Rwanda We've arrived in Rwanda. Proud to be speaking at the first ever African Innovation Hub Convention and connect with those interested in #blockchain technology #TAS2018 #TAS18 @RCBrwanda @RealSmartAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #AIHC18 Watch the video of IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles speaking about Eurocrypt 2018, at this flagship conference, one of the most prestigious academic events in the cryptography field: #Eurocrypt2018 #blockchain #Cardano Want to see Charles? Be in London next Tuesday 14th May:
Charles Hoskinson
It would be so cool to see a clojure backend

idk about that 😬 I'm as big a fun of the Clojure as the next guy, but a cryptocurrency client is not a project I would want to implement without strict types

Ruslan Dudin
idk about that 😬 I'm as big a fun of the Clojure as the next guy, but a cryptocurrency client is not a project I would want to implement without strict types

Hickey himself was talking a lot how strict-typing and explicit code is not a sin and it serves its purpose and totally should be used when it's really needed, it's just that for 98% of programming work he thinks that it's unnecessary 🙂 Well I think a cryptocurrency client falls perfectly in that 2%

This does not require ouroboros as a beacon nor a cryptocurrency

IOHK | Symphony of Blockchains Launch event NEW VIDEO The award winning Symphony of Blockchains is an interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain. :iohk:

Will be interesting to see their own cryptocurrency implementation with it tho

I am exploring a use case for cryptocurrency research

Happy #AdaLovelaceDay - A day founded to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including Ada Lovelace, who Cardano's cryptocurrency is named after and is known for being the first computer programmer. We encourage everyone to share their favourite female thinkers and scientists who have shaped and changed our world.

Established in 2017, EmurgoHK, a global leader in blockchain technology, is the venture builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol, and its hugely successful native cryptocurrency, the ADA Coin

Bitcoin ETF: Worlds first Cryptocurrency ETF approved
Adressing the recent electron-based wallet hack

So that it creates chance to.allow everyone be party of blockchain of cardano. My computer will be a cryptocurrency mining device and makes contribution to Cardano.

Hey! Have you heard of Nash? I just signed up! It's a digital finance platform that will make cryptocurrency simple and safe. And people who register now could win up to $100,000 in Bitcoin! You can sign up here:

Ouroboros 🐍 is the fundamental protocol of Cardano which enables the decentralized public blockchain and thus cryptocurrency to function. First and foremost thing to understand about Ouroboros ☝️ is that it's not a single thing, and not a single protocol, and not a single whitepaper. Ouroboros is a family of protocols 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 where each new protocol is like a step in a staircase, based on sound and proven basis of previous members and unquestionable fundament of the very first Ouroboros paper. In our new blogpost and visual presentation you can learn about the process and the timeline of development of different parts of this family:

I’m looking to hire Haskell developers capable of using Plutus for a very exciting Esport platform and cryptocurrency on the Cardano blockchain. Is anyone interested or know anyone that might be?

So, I have read quite a few introductory posts and videos of what Cardano is about.I understand that it is a smart contract protocol that aims to solve what Ethereum can't in terms of scalability, interoperability and sustainability.I particularly like the treasury bit. How the community votes on improvement proposals so that funds raised via ICO using Cardano is more transaparent and responsible.My question is, so can I build a cryptocurrency and launch a token sale using Cardano now?Coz I can't find anybody who has.

So, hello everyone :) I'm developing some stuff and want to integrate Cardano. With Bitcoin, it's pretty simple (just wrap electrum, lol), Ethereum have Infura, which is also pretty useful.I want to find something like that for Cardano. What's better to try right now? Performance is not the issue.At the end it'll be something like that:seed, address, err := cryptocurrency.Cardano.GenWallet()...balance, err := cryptocurrency.Cardano.Balance(seed)...tx, err := cryptocurrency.Cardano.Send(seed, dest, amount)(I have the same API for bitcoin already)

If someone wants to get some ADA (I've put some small amount for testing purposes) and check this thing in reality, this can be a good and helpful start: :)
IOHK Blog: Combinator makes easy work of Shelley hard fork.A behind-the-scenes look with Duncan Coutts and Edsko de VriesMay 7, 2020 Anthony Quinn 11 mins readCombinator makes easy work of Shelley hard forkSince the launch of the Incentivized Testnet marked the coming of the Shelley era last year, the Cardano platform has entered a fast-moving period of development. The Ouroboros Classic consensus protocol has supported Cardano Byron and the ada cryptocurrency for the past 30 months, and we’ll soon be switching to Ouroboros Praos. This is the version of our proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol that will initially power Shelley as Cardano decentralizes. It builds in the staking process with monetary rewards for ada holders and stake pool owners.Continue reading on our forum:

Like any other Cryptocurrency Is Cardano address have any private key structureAs i created wallet with secret phrase and then i create address with particular wallet id so only i get address no private key