There are a lot of impersonator accounts in here

Hello , I haven't been able to sync with the testnet for about a week now. Anyone got some tips before I ask support?

Using the newest daedalis testnet wallet. 2.0.1

Crypto Jerk193
Hello , I haven't been able to sync with the testnet for about a week now. Anyone got some tips before I ask support?

Get yourself in the official channel mate, link in the pinned message. From there you will see where to go.

I bought 2 ada but i sold them in profit. Better what most of u will do in future

These 0.001 usd in ur pocket

Infura support ethereum not cardano

P̷͂̈́͂aͯ͌ͤ̐̐blocality 🅐
Can you try sending a link again to see if it works for you now..

Hey. Could you also unban @Cardano_Foundation please? It's one of the two official CF TG accounts. Thnx! 👍

What you said?

I am trying to explain that in order to access the node api, you should run a node.

I told you to do that in the first place

Cardano Foundation
It’s been a while! Good to be back. Thanks 🙏!

Welcome back. If one of the team gets banned by the bot, contact me and I'll unban again.

Hello everyone, is there someone running cardano node that we can send request to.

Julien Trapp
It’s a hard fork planed ?

Technically a hard fork is an update that is no longer compatible to older versions. This does not mean there will be a new coin or something like BTC and BCH.

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why bitcoin is not so successful ?

When was the last time there was a 51% attack, or a chain re-org deeper than a block or two?

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