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Any one know where I can get some ADA in NY?

Binance ? Or still not working in NY?

Any believers of Cardano being listed on Coinbase one day?

ADA is the japanese ethereum i heard

whos lining up to use ADA in japan?

can anyone tell me where i can search cos i jst found out japan bought majority of ico private sale

i wanna know whats goin on over in japan cos im from australia

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5$? Is this ur real opinion? I am not a pro. I think if this coin goes to 50 cents in a few years then we are fine. Any thoughts?

ADA price is too tight to BTC, so if BTC will be in a good condition and goes to 30-100k it is possible, but in reality noone knows.

ADA price with 15% pump yesterday ❤❤

Such a great news for all all ADA traders check this out!! ❤❤

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Is the partnership with PWC legit?

No there is none. We’ve requested the services from PwC. They are to work for us creating a cross company commercial strategy.

Ada pum 20% then will dump 50%.just wait.

Moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Can any1 link other cardano telegram groups?

Unfortunately not, it kicks you from this group. You can find the official channels if you search Cardano official

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Oh no binance add x75 laverage

Huge dump is coming

I'm waiting for .001 cents!!🤣🤣😂😂

Best time to dump

Besides Cardano what will u think is the next big thing for alt coins

Before ada dump from 0.12$ to 0.025$.waiting.

Sell ada now and buy again at 0.03$.

You would be na idiot 2 believe its going back 2 0.03

Ada is more decentralised than btc

I am Founder of OPOLO DOT IO hardware wallet. We would love to integrate ADA into our wallet. We want to get some help with development, is there anyone here who can help regarding block xplorer api.

Is there any available servers that we can use to send transactions to blockchain using api.

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