How many ADA token will be sold?


what is the token cap for Cardano ?

daedus wallet threw errors for me...

is this the official channel...?

What was the token price during ICO?

Hey guys so quite here anybody ADA is going up

I'm fresh to this, cramming YouTube descriptions .

How does the staking work

what is this coin about?

What's the expected price for cardano (short term)

Hi, very few members here, is it official?

ايش التوقعات لهذا الكوين الجديد

Will Cardano Ada will go up????

Some short term gains I think , but looks like a long term hold .

I dont have all day....

Places to go...peeps to

It is shit coin 😂😂 no profit.

How long...few months or more?

Listen to my every

This is main cardano group?

Anyone here can explain how to stake cardano

I beleieve the information for staking has not been released yet

I have asked the mods in slack group...