What you said?

I am trying to explain that in order to access the node api, you should run a node.

It’s been a while! Good to be back. Thanks 🙏!

I can expose an endpoint for you, but I would charge you.

Is it your own server?

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I dont need it

Very strange price

Well, you'll get what you pay for.

I can setup my own node for 5 usd per month

I told you to do that in the first place

Cardano Foundation
It’s been a while! Good to be back. Thanks 🙏!

Welcome back. If one of the team gets banned by the bot, contact me and I'll unban again.

Sry, couldn't resist 😏 ^

Hello everyone, is there someone running cardano node that we can send request to.

It’s a hard fork planed ?

Julien Trapp
It’s a hard fork planed ?

No not yet, just that it'll be done soon. Nothing you have to do for this update. 👍

Julien Trapp
It’s a hard fork planed ?

Technically a hard fork is an update that is no longer compatible to older versions. This does not mean there will be a new coin or something like BTC and BCH.

why bitcoin is not so successful ?

hallo everyone, can someone tell is now a good time to invest some money, or i should wait for bit more dump

570sats will be good buy moment ?

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why bitcoin is not so successful ?

When was the last time there was a 51% attack, or a chain re-org deeper than a block or two?

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