This week, we attended #Eurocrypt2018 and we were proud to present our Ouroboros Praos research to this prestigious academic community, and it was also fantastic to meet the Cardano community here in Tel Aviv. @CardanoStiftung @cardanocom #Cardano #Ada The Ethiopian government is looking to overhaul its coffee supply chain and #Cardano Enterprise is a tool to do that. Read the story in @BitcoinMagazine @ahcastor #blockchain #fintech Why proof of stake matters, how Ouroboros is a solution, and third-generation blockchains. Watch IOHK_Charles on the @epicenterbtc podcast Third-generation blockchains and how to build them. Hearing the thoughts of people in the local tech scene has been a highlight of our trip to Kigali @IOHK_Charles @jjtoconnor #TAS2018 @RealSmartAfrica #SmartAfrica #BlockchaininAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #blockchain Hello to the new #Cardano community in Tunis.. great to meet you! @DarBlockchain #BlockchainAfrica #Tunisia #DiversityinBlockchain @azerfui @jjtoconnor @InputOutputHK @cardanocom @CardanoStiftung @mchakchouk @rv_inc has just won a @DARPA Assured Autonomy award, in partnership with @HRLLaboratories, @SCSatCMU, @ucsd_cse, and @IllinoisCS. The Assured Autonomy Program investigates ways to formalize and evolve functional and safety assurance for cyber-physical systems (CPS). Snuck a quick selfie whilst @IOHK_Charles and Ethiopian Minister of Science and technology signed an MoU to train developers and use Cardano to build agritech solutions. @CardanoStiftung @MoST_Ethiopia @InputOutputHK Cardano now has a formal specification for a wallet. We believe it's the first time that a cryptocurrency has had this #formalverification #Haskell #cryptocurrency @cardanocom A smart contract testnet for #Cardano will be out at the end of this month, followed by a second, the IELE Virtual Machine testnet, not so long afterwards. Check all the details at #smartcontracts #blockchain #formalverification EMURGO is recognized as APAC TOP 10 「BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER」by CIO Outlook!!! #ADA #Cardano #IOHK #EMURGO It's our last day Addis Ababa, it was truly inspiring and insightful to meet and learn from everyone here. Next stop, Rwanda We've arrived in Rwanda. Proud to be speaking at the first ever African Innovation Hub Convention and connect with those interested in #blockchain technology #TAS2018 #TAS18 @RCBrwanda @RealSmartAfrica @ImpactHubKigali #AIHC18 Watch the video of IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles speaking about Eurocrypt 2018, at this flagship conference, one of the most prestigious academic events in the cryptography field: #Eurocrypt2018 #blockchain #Cardano Want to see Charles? Be in London next Tuesday 14th May:
"The world's economic leaders have set a July deadline for the first step toward unified regulation of cryptocurrency." - G20 summit on cryptocurrency. As we approaches this 1st July, it seems like market is pretty bearish on it. But that said, i agree with charles that, "What's often missed by the cryptocurrency is going to die broken record media is that after the next wave of regulation, wall street is showing up to the party with all their locked up capital. That's tens of trillions of dollars entering the space eventually. Future is bright." So yes, crypto prices might still continue to fall but i think it will only be during mid july where we see the real growth highly likely to happen because regulations would have kicked in some way or another.

And meeting with some Japanese government officials about cryptocurrency innovation

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Bullish predictions:Many of the analysts think that Cardano can rise to as high as $10. If you look at the current prices, you will realize that this has actually a significant rise from the current prices. Moreover, the Cardano team will most likely launch the testnet pretty soon. With the help of the launch of testnet, the traction which Cardano will be able to gain will be significant. This is the reason why now might be the right time to invest in the cryptocurrency.
New Blog: Meet the Founders of dLab/EMURGO Startup, Catallact, who are building a Blockchain Analytics Engine for the Finance Industry. Paul and Dan, building the right thing means creating a tool that solves a clear problem: bringing meaning to data. Catallact is using AI and data science to achieve this goal. Public blockchains such as Cardano, generate huge amounts of data based on the flow of cryptocurrency trades. However, there is a lack of tools available to monitor, analyze and visualize this data. This makes it hard to identify certain types of trading behavior, such as trades performed by algorithms rather than by humans. Catallact is building the tools to understand the behaviors behind market flows. Continue reading.
#Cardano(#ADA)與蒙古政府合作解決#counterfeit #drugs問題。該交易發生在#Mongolia的Frontier #Blockchain峰會上,該峰會涉及#Cryptocurrency Association和Mongolian Fintech Association等機構
The Importance of the ADA Cryptocurrency to the Cardano Ecosystem

In line with Cardano Foundation's agenda to expand its community and communications towards the Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, we created an official LINE account. LINE is a popular messaging app across various countries in Asia, similar to WhatsApp is for Europe and the US. You can add our Line account here: scan the QR code attached to this message!

Recently Nasdaq started displaying several cryptocurrencies on their market-activity website, including $ADA. This shows positive signs and developments towards crypto and blockchain adoption. Check it out here:
Have you checked out The Cardano Effect's recent podcast episodes?They have released several great and informative episodes featuring:Caitlin Long joined their podcast to discuss the Wyoming Hackathon, the cryptocurrency landscape in Wyoming, the US government view on crypto and much more. Simon Thompson: senior research fellow at IOHK joined to talk about Marlowe, Plutus, and Haskell and how they will allow Cardano to make an impact in the financial world - Brünjes, PhD. Director of Education Team Haskell & Polina Vinogradova, formal methods software developer, both at IOHK joined to discuss and answer your questions about their new educational book, 'Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts'. a Weekly Cardano Recap here: the show! 🔥🤩
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The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance, announced the official launch of its mining pool service. Dubbed Binance Pool, it will offer support for both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining mechanisms. But, it will kick off with Bitcoin mining services only.

Hello Cardano Community.As some of you might have seen today is that Cardano (and other cryptocurrency projects) are being targeted by scammers in a mass attempt.Please be aware of the following;We will never give away adaWe will never contact you first (Officials/Ambassadors/ModeratorsWe will never ask you to send your funds or ask for your private keyWe will never promise very big returnsRead more on our latest forum post: please report any scams you see at [email protected] or you - and stay safe.Cardano Foundation.