Dear Cardano Community,⛔️Please do not respond to any direct messages offering assistance, no matter who they claim to be or how legit they seem. These are SCAMMERS and you should block them.⛔📵 Never fill in any forms that require your *personal details, including seed words*. No matter how official they look, they are a scam! 📵🔐Store your seed words in a *safe place*. It's the only way to recover your funds. Never disclose or send them to anyone. NEVER enter seed words anywhere, except a trusted wallet when you intend to restore it‼️📛‼️Cardano entities will never give away ada! If you are added to a Cardano channel claiming to have a giveaway, report and leave it.‼️📛⚠️ There are scammers impersonating ecosystem officials and core-members (Cardano Ambassadors). We can't stress enough that you should not send your ADA to anyone unknown. Officials within the Cardano Ecosystem will never ask you to send your funds (assets) or mnemonics. ⚠️

Here's one for the history books: