IOHK have announced their next event! The IOHK Summit, a two-day public event with speakers, partners and cryptocurrency experts, will be taking place on April 17 and 18 in Miami, USA. More details to come:
Ever wondered why the ticker of Cardano’s cryptocurrency is “ADA”, or why its wallets are named after Greek myths? And who are all the people mentioned in the roadmap? Read belowsearcher's blog post to unravel it all:
Have you joined the Cardano Forum? There's a multitude of discussions going on about the project and the wider cryptocurrency space! We have hundreds of posts from community members all over the world. Join today: #CardanoCommunity

⚠️ Please be advised, we have noticed scams involving Atomic Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet, in the community. The correct url is AtomicWallet [dot] io, but the scams will post similar domain names. As always, please be aware of scams and do your own research before sending funds anywhere. *This is not an endorsement or guarantee of the correct Atomic Wallet.

Cardano Foundation will be one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The launch of this association is already an exciting milestone for blockchain technology adoption and the cryptocurrency industry, and we are honoured and excited to bring Cardano to the forefront of discussions and frameworks being built in Europe. Read more here:
Being vigilant and safe online is important especially in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space! Read the forum post about how to be safe online from here:

Next up is Bruce Fenton, CEO and founder of Atlantic Financial Blockchain Labs. Bruce will be talking about the future of digital securities in the context of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. #IOHKSummit2019 #blockchaintech #digitalcurrency

In line with Cardano Foundation's agenda to expand its community and communications towards the Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, we created an official LINE account. LINE is a popular messaging app across various countries in Asia, similar to WhatsApp is for Europe and the US. You can add our Line account here: scan the QR code attached to this message!

Recently Nasdaq started displaying several cryptocurrencies on their market-activity website, including $ADA. This shows positive signs and developments towards crypto and blockchain adoption. Check it out here:
Have you checked out The Cardano Effect's recent podcast episodes?They have released several great and informative episodes featuring:Caitlin Long joined their podcast to discuss the Wyoming Hackathon, the cryptocurrency landscape in Wyoming, the US government view on crypto and much more. Simon Thompson: senior research fellow at IOHK joined to talk about Marlowe, Plutus, and Haskell and how they will allow Cardano to make an impact in the financial world - Brünjes, PhD. Director of Education Team Haskell & Polina Vinogradova, formal methods software developer, both at IOHK joined to discuss and answer your questions about their new educational book, 'Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts'. a Weekly Cardano Recap here: the show! 🔥🤩
On February 13th Charles Hoskinson gave an update on recent developments with Cardano. This included a wide ranging discussion of future plans and recent information releases.Brief Summary:-Charles Hoskinson recently returned from the Satoshi Roundtable and Suits and Spooks. Both events confirmed that there is a heightened interest in the cryptocurrency space as crypto winter comes to an end.-IOHK has recently completed its most significant software update since the Byron launch-The OBFT hard fork is still set for release on February 20th.-The ITN will receive a large update at the end of the week. Between this week’s update and next week’s update a good deal of the challenges with the ITN should be solved.-The performance results from simulations of Ouroboros Hydra look very promising and the paper will be released soon.Watch the video and read our full recap here:
Last week on the 15th, InputOutputHK donated $500k USD in Cardano's native ada cryptocurrency to the University of Wyoming to drive innovative blockchain applications and developments.Read the press release with photo impressions here:IOHK's press release: press release: