Next week, Nathan Kaiser, Cardano Foundation Chairperson, will be speaking at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore about the Asian blockchain and crypto markets, and regulation & legislation. We hope to see you there! More info:
@IOHK_Charles recently was interviewed by @_FinancialFox discussing #Cardano, #Libra and all other challenges we face in #crypto. Haven't watched it yet? Please see it here:
@IOHK_Charles was recently interviewed by @_FinancialFox about his views on #Libra, #regulations, adoption and the challenges in the #cryptosphere. Watch part 3 here!

In line with Cardano Foundation's agenda to expand its community and communications towards the Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, we created an official LINE account. LINE is a popular messaging app across various countries in Asia, similar to WhatsApp is for Europe and the US. You can add our Line account here: scan the QR code attached to this message!

Recently Nasdaq started displaying several cryptocurrencies on their market-activity website, including $ADA. This shows positive signs and developments towards crypto and blockchain adoption. Check it out here:
Hello Cardano Community.It has recently come to our attention that core-members (Ambassadors) and Cardano Officials get impersonated on Telegram from time to time.Please note that any Cardano officials will *never* DM you, asking for funds, coins, token-swaps, passwords or personal information! If you receive any suspicious DM's from people from our Cardano groups, please notify the team by reporting them to: @CardanoReportToAdminRead more on how to Stay Safe online here: for your time and help spreading awareness!
Have you checked out The Cardano Effect's recent podcast episodes?They have released several great and informative episodes featuring:Caitlin Long joined their podcast to discuss the Wyoming Hackathon, the cryptocurrency landscape in Wyoming, the US government view on crypto and much more. Simon Thompson: senior research fellow at IOHK joined to talk about Marlowe, Plutus, and Haskell and how they will allow Cardano to make an impact in the financial world - Brünjes, PhD. Director of Education Team Haskell & Polina Vinogradova, formal methods software developer, both at IOHK joined to discuss and answer your questions about their new educational book, 'Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts'. a Weekly Cardano Recap here: the show! 🔥🤩

Wyoming Blockchain Stampede starts today! The State of Wyoming has enacted 13 trail-blazing blockchain bills, and Cardano Foundation's Bakyt Azimkanov will be present in this crypto-friendly state this week by co-host&sponsoring the Hackathon!

Check out Charles Hoskinson's latest Surprise AMA video!Brief Summarization (of the first few minutes): - Charles addresses the recent baseless FUD, and talks about the upcoming Shelley Testnet phase 3: more info about how this snapshot will work, will be made available from mid-October. - Project overall progress is coming along well, Cardano Github commits are still the highest in the crypto & blockchain space. - Talks about New Balance partnership info and further announcement released mid-October: including more details about how Cardano will be utilized. ...and much more! Be sure to watch it here:
Hi everyone! We know you love your AMA's.Check out Charles Hoskinson on 🔥 in his latest Surprise AMA, where he discusses topics such as:- Shelley (Jormungandr) & Daedalus upcoming releases and stresstesting. 💻- New Balance's project collaboration. 👟🎊- Possible snapshot approaches. 📸- 2020: the year of scalability for crypto projects. ⛓🌐- Africa Update: feasibility studies being done in Ethiopia. 🌍- Future of #Cardano and $ADA & Updates on other (upcoming pilot) projects.🚀...and much more! ✨Enjoy!
Hi there people in #Stockholm. We are holding an exclusive and personal Meet and Greet with our #Cardano and #IOHK executives in the center of the city on Saturday at 7PM. Please RSVP here if you would like to come over! #blockchain #crypto #meetandgreet
Hello all! On January 3rd 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down for the first surprise AMA of 2020. There he looked forward to the emerging technologies of the next decade and the role cryptocurrencies will play in their development. He also confirmed his dedication to positioning Cardano as a global financial and social operating system.Quick summary:- The next decade will see a dramatic proliferation of technology and cryptocurrencies will be an important part of that development.- The Cardano ecosystem believes that the 2020s will be the decade of Cardano and we are aiming to grow into a global social and financial operating system.- Incentives, commercialization, and technology are all key components to master in order to become the industry leading crypto project.- 2020 is the year of the recursive snark and IOHK is currently exploring the technology internally and externally.- IOHK is aligning with the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo to develop an international commercialization and marketing strategy.Read and watch more here:
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Hello! Here's an update for our Davos Diaries - 20 Jan 2020: The Foundation Council has just approved a research grant request from the Berkman Klein Center to study blockchain governance. Their research will benefit Cardano, as well as the whole crypto ecosystem. More details below:

Second Day, CV Summit during #WEF20 @WEF in @Davos.– @nathan_kaiser is on a panel discussing “#Privacy in the #crypto world, mandatory or a threat?” and taking part in a press conference.– #keynote speech by @IOHK_Charles on “#Blockchain for #SocialGood”.

Davos Special – Is privacy in the crypto world mandatory or a threat? @Nathan_Kaiser of the Cardano Foundation on the panel about privacy in crypto with Nouriel Roubini, Mike J Casey, @ownyourdatanow and Riccardo Spagni at CV_Labs Summit in Davos during WEF. Watch here

💁‍♂️ Cardano tip bot available! Have you ever felt the need to reward someone for what they wrote? Thanks to @oldcryptogeek from, this is now possible.They built a Telegram tip bot on Cardano, which is in its early stages, but already a blast to use. The bot is running on the Incentivized Testnet. You will need some test-ada to use it.Read here how to set up and use the tip bot:

On February 13th Charles Hoskinson gave an update on recent developments with Cardano. This included a wide ranging discussion of future plans and recent information releases.Brief Summary:-Charles Hoskinson recently returned from the Satoshi Roundtable and Suits and Spooks. Both events confirmed that there is a heightened interest in the cryptocurrency space as crypto winter comes to an end.-IOHK has recently completed its most significant software update since the Byron launch-The OBFT hard fork is still set for release on February 20th.-The ITN will receive a large update at the end of the week. Between this week’s update and next week’s update a good deal of the challenges with the ITN should be solved.-The performance results from simulations of Ouroboros Hydra look very promising and the paper will be released soon.Watch the video and read our full recap here:
Watch the latest Cardano Effect Podcast with Manmeet Singh! As a council member of the Cardano Foundation and CIO of EMURGO he speaks about 'Connecting Crypto with Business and Legislation'. Watch the episode here:
Last week on the 15th, InputOutputHK donated $500k USD in Cardano's native ada cryptocurrency to the University of Wyoming to drive innovative blockchain applications and developments.Read the press release with photo impressions here:IOHK's press release: press release:
Hoy NicoArqueros de Cardano Foundation platicó con CryptoCarlo, Embajador de Cardano y hablaron sobre blockchain en América Latina y Cardano. Ve el video en Youtube aquí:
Who remembers Charles' fist whiteboard video? Developing Cardano is no small feat. There is no other project that has ever been built to these parameters, combining peer reviewed cryptographic research with an implementation in highly secure Haskell code. This is not the copy and paste code seen in so many other blockchains. Instead, Cardano was designed with input from a large global team including leading experts and professors in the fields of computer programming languages, network design and cryptography. We are extremely proud of Cardano, which required a months-long meticulous and painstaking development process by our talented engineers.Watch it if you haven't (and watch it again if you already have 😉)!
Have you seen Charles' recent interview on the "Unqualified Opinions" podcast from Messari: "Building Cardano with IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson"?There are very few people who have created a top 20 cryptocurrency. Charles Hoskinson is one of them. In this conversation, Charles details his cryptocurrency and blockchain path, ultimately leading to the creating of Cardano.Charles also details how he structured Cardano "like a DARPA project" with a deep focus on R&D and why they're concentrating heavily on development in Africa. He lays out his philosophy and strategy for building a network that will one day no longer be reliant on its founders and how he views the overall competitive landscape. And more!Check it out here:
Blast off with the high energy, charismatic crypto-leader Tamara Haasen! In this exclusive interview with TCE, Tamara tells about her goals and roles at the Cardano Foundation and Chief of Staff at IOHK. Check it out here:
In light of the recent Cardano update from Charles Hoskinson about the Ouroboros Hydra paper, and for those who wish to get more information on this, please refer to the following link, where you can download/view the PDF file: or get it directly via this message: from the Hydra paper's introduction: "Abstract: State channels are an attractive layer-two solution for improving the throughput and latency of blockchains. They offer optimistic fast offchain settlement of payments and rapid offchain evolution of smart contracts between multiple parties without imposing any additional assumptions beyond those of the underlying blockchain. In the case of disputes, or if a party fails to respond, cryptographic evidence collected in the offchain channel is used to settle the last confirmed state onchain, such that in-progress contracts can be continued under mainchain consensus. A serious disadvantage present in current layer-two state channel protocols is that existing layer-one smart contract infrastructure and contract code cannot be reused offchain without change. In this paper, we introduce Hydra, an isomorphic multi-party state channel. Hydra simplifies offchain protocol and contract development by directly adopting the layer-one smart contract system. We present the onchain contracts to open and close Hydra heads (our isomorphic state channels) and a novel offchain protocol for fast evolution of heads. We establish strong security properties for the protocol, and we present and evaluate extensive simulation results that demonstrate that Hydra approaches the physical limits of the network in terms of transaction confirmation time and throughput while keeping storage requirements at the lowest possible."

We were notified about urging to invest for high-yield returns. Please conduct your due diligence as this is highly likely to be a scam. Our recommendation is not to engage in any way. Stay safe and inform us of any suspicious activities. #cardano #stake

Charles Hoskinson on “Deadlines & Delays” - 23/03/2020On March 23rd, 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down to discuss about “Deadlines and Delays” in achieving milestones for Cardano.Brief Summary:- Cardano started as a scientific project which means that it is subject to a challenging development timeline in exchange for making foundational contributions to the crypto space.- IOHK is constantly building and developing its ecosystem through releases, blog posts, videos and updates.- All challenges and missteps have been learning opportunities for the further advancement of Cardano.- The Cardano ecosystem was built in order to generate a decentralized global social and financial operating system, it was not created to make day traders wealthy.- We encourage all supporters to be patient and to await more information from Aparna Jue.Read and watch the full recap here:
Charles Hoskinson - Completing Cardano 2020 - 30/03/2020On March 30th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to discuss the upcoming milestones and current scope of Cardano within this year.Brief summary:- IOHK is on track to fulfill its commitments as originally scoped in contract.- This project started out as an aspirational high risk high reward science based exploration. The result was a best in class proof-of-stake system.- Along with developing an end-to-end cryptocurrency we have also been hard at work on Cardano Commercially Critical Infrastructure to ensure that Cardano has the best possible opportunity in the marketplace.- The rigorous standards, high assurance software and formal methods used create Cardano lays the foundation for future developers and vendors.- Voltaire will lay the foundation for the community to be funded to continue to make contributions to the Cardano ecosystem.Read more here:
On April 1st 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an update where he clarified his thoughts on the roadmap through the end of 2020. He also discussed the implications of establishing CCCI.Brief Summary:- The product managers gave their first live update. This will happen every month with community participation.- IOHK will fulfill the scope of its responsibility to Cardano throughout 2020, it will also specify “Commercially Critical Cardano Infrastructure (CCCI).- CCCI should be built in a decentralized way rather than through a single vendor.- Shelley could have been released with the ITN in December but our dedication to evidence based software meant that we had to follow through the incentivized testnet to create a best in class cryptocurrency.- We want to empower leaders in the Cardano community to maintain the initial vision of the ecosystem.Read the full recap here:
Daedalus Flight is the new user testing program from IOHK for the official ada wallet. Here's how you can get involved: 👇 1) Download the new build today. 💻2) Find out how you can help make Daedalus the best it has ever been. 🤩3) Use it and provide feedback! ✍️Simple right? ✅Read more details in IOHK's Blog post here: please note, the Daedalus Flight app uses real (mainnet) ada! IOHK recommends using Daedalus Flight only to more technically competent members of the Cardano community who are familiar with Daedalus and other crypto wallets.⚠️)(PSS: Beware of fake apps, as well as scammers and impersonators trying to get your assets/personal details!⛔️)
Charles Hoskinson’s quick video on Zero-Knowledge Proof Workshop - 02/04/2020 On April 2nd 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down for a quick update where he promoted the upcoming online ZKProof Workshop. While he was previously slated for attendance, the recent global pandemic has made the organizers move the event online.This is the third annual ZKProof Workshop it will be held April 20th through May 21st, if you are interested in joining the workshop to see the thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space discussing zero knowledge protocols and cryptography, you can sign up to attend digitally.For more information, visit our forum to sign up!
Bringing the Cardano Community Together with Casey Monroe | TCE #82Ever wondered how crypto community management works? What are the best practices? 🤔💭Check out this episode of TCE with Community Management expert Casey Monroe, who is Senior Community Manager Lead at CF, to learn the answers to these questions and more in this fun and enlightening episode!
Have you watched the latest TCE episode with Aparna Jue from IOHK? It's very information packed and fast paced. In this podcast with Aparna Jue, Cardano Product Director at IOHK, sheds light on the effort and vision required to deliver a world class crypto currency to the blockchain space. Check out the interview with Aparna and don't forget to hit that LIKE & SUBSCRIBE button!
Cardano Community Newsletter for 29/04/2020 🤩Published by the Cardano Community Management Team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the Cardano project and ecosystem. We have included updates read about all the updates from across the Cardano ecosystem: the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO and IOHK that you'll definitely find interesting! The main topics are:- Upcoming: Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020- IOHK Releases New Daedalus Mainnet Wallet- IOHK Blog: Merging formal methods and agile development to build Cardano- Charles Hoskinson Online Whiteboard presentation: “How we will launch Shelley”- EMURGO Blog: Meet Credmark, a Startup Revolutionizing Credit Data for the Blockchain and Crypto Industry- Cardano Ambassadors’ AMA with the Satoshi Club community on TelegramAnd much more! Check it out here: Subscribe to the newsletter on
IOHK Blog: Combinator makes easy work of Shelley hard fork.A behind-the-scenes look with Duncan Coutts and Edsko de VriesMay 7, 2020 Anthony Quinn 11 mins readCombinator makes easy work of Shelley hard forkSince the launch of the Incentivized Testnet marked the coming of the Shelley era last year, the Cardano platform has entered a fast-moving period of development. The Ouroboros Classic consensus protocol has supported Cardano Byron and the ada cryptocurrency for the past 30 months, and we’ll soon be switching to Ouroboros Praos. This is the version of our proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol that will initially power Shelley as Cardano decentralizes. It builds in the staking process with monetary rewards for ada holders and stake pool owners.Continue reading on our forum:
Among other members, Cardano Foundation, who is part of a new cryptocurrency lobbying group called POSA (Proof of Stake Alliance), recently met with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Blockchain Consensus Designs.Read more about it here:
IOHK Shelley Haskell Testnet update - Week 4Here’s Christopher with the next installment of IOHK's twice-monthly #ShelleyTestnets rollout updates. We’re now halfway into Week 4 and things are progressing nicely. Thanks, as ever, to our pioneers helping us make it all happen!Watch it here: Foundation’s CM Team AMA with Crypto.comNext week Monday, there will be a live AMA held with Casey Monroe & Tiago Serôdio of Cardano Foundation on's Telegram Channel, on 8 June, 11PM HKT. You can participate to win Cardano Tangem cards and t-shirts via!Read more here:
Earlier this year, the Cardano Foundation together with the fellow Blockchain for Europe members submitted a proposal for a regulation on the European Union’s framework for crypto assets. Read more:
A harmonised approach at the EU level will bring much-needed legal clarity for the blockchain industry and its users given the EU’s financial services regulations do not explicitly cover crypto assets. Read more:
Any classification of crypto assets should be technology-neutral and based on their functions and features. This is a first step of its kind to have a common approach on crypto assets in the European Union. Read more: