The IOHK Summit is an opportunity to meet and collaborate with world-renowned experts from both IOHK and the broader industry — it’s one not to miss for anyone involved in the crypto and blockchain sector. Buy your tickets today:
Cardano is now in India! With a focus on education, Emurgo has launched Emurgo Academy, which will train developers and create blockchain experts to expand the usage of blockchain technology. Read more in the press release here:
Earlier this month, Cardano Foundation opened a call for questions, which was an opportunity for the community to ask questions for the Foundation. Read the questions and answers here:
On March 4, Barry, one of our Meetup Organizer Ambassadors, is hosting his 19th Cardano meetup in Sydney, Australia! Barry holds a Cardano meetup every two weeks. Join his meetup group and RSVP here:
The latest Cardano newsletter is out! You can subscribe at or head to the Cardano Forum to check it out:
Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, returns back to the Thriller Podcast. Listen to the episode here:

INATBA is the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications and Cardano Foundation is a founding member! INATBA brings together companies, governments, regulators and consumers of the Blockchain Technology industry. Read more on the goals of INATBA here:

We’re excited for tonight’s Coinscrum meetup to start! We’ll be learning about Marlowe and Plutus in presentations by IOHK. Follow along the event with Coinscrum’s livestream: Video will start at 18:30 GMT!
As one of the students in IOHK's Haskell Course in Uganda, Daizy knows the true power of Haskell. Read her blog that shares wise words, "learning Haskell might be difficult in the start...but practice will always make perfect. Don’t despair!":

Please be advised we are aware of the ongoing ada deposit/withdrawal issues with Bittrex. This period of downtime is to allow Bittrex perform necessary updates to the Cardano wallet. The IOHK Development team is working with Bittrex to help them complete these updates.Wallet services will be restored to normal as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Emurgo have launched their new website! You can find a live Twitter feed, updated team profiles, links to their social media pages and more! They’ll also be posting several blog posts a week. So don’t wait - check it out right now at

For our German 🇩🇪 community, RSVP to this upcoming meetup in Stuttgart: Am 20.03. um 18:00 Uhr findet der 2. Cardano Stammtisch in Stuttgart statt. Egal ob Anfänger oder Experte, jeder ist willkommen um in entspannter Atmosphäre über Cardano zu diskutieren.Treffpunkt: Gaststätte Wohnzimmer Infos gibt es hier:

Today, Cardano 1.5 has been released on the Cardano testnet in preparation for the later release to the mainnet. This release is a milestone because it is the last Cardano release of the Byron development phase. Read more about this testnet release here:
To our French community: there's a community podcast all about Cardano! Souhaitez-vous en apprendre plus sur Cardano ? Abonnez vous dès maintenant au podcast animé par Quentin et Robin, membres de notre communauté. Vous pouvez écouter le premier épisode qui donne une vue d'ensemble du projet ici : #CardanoCommunity
Charles's is hosting another one of his Surprise AMA's, live on YouTube now! Watch here:
Charles Hoskinson will be joining the Hong Kong community at their Cardano meetup happening on Thursday Mar 14. If you can attend, RSVP to the event here: #CardanoCommunity
Charles Hoskinson will be speaking soon at the Cardano community meetup in Hong Kong! Join in on Emurgo HK's livestream to hear from Charles about Shelley and the Cardano roadmap as well as about the upcoming IOHK summit:
Cardano Foundation will be one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The launch of this association is already an exciting milestone for blockchain technology adoption and the cryptocurrency industry, and we are honoured and excited to bring Cardano to the forefront of discussions and frameworks being built in Europe. Read more here:
Watch this special video message from Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles , CEO of IOHK, to invite you to the IOHK Summit in Miami! Join us and buy your tickets here: #IOHKSummit2019
We’re inviting you to IOHK’s hackathon next month in Miami! It’s a free event, open to anyone who wants to explore smart contracts. There are only 80 spots available and its first come first served! Registration opens at 12:00PM GMT tomorrow (Mar 15) here:

Last night, IOHK's Symphony of Blockchains project launched its immersive exhibit! Using Bitcoin's blockchain data, they created a truly unique experience bringing together the technology with art and virtual reality! Follow @Symphony_IOHK on Twitter for updates on the project!

The latest Cardano Community newsletter is out! Check it out on the Cardano Forum here: or better yet, subscribe to it here: ! #CardanoCommunity
IOHK and Cardano Foundation are looking forward to join the CV Summit, one of Switzerland’s leading blockchain events, as a Partner. We want to invite all of you with the following Special 30% Code: PARTNERFRIENDS30CardanoIOHK. Get your ticket: #CVSummit19 #CryptoValley
Watch a Cardano Progress Update video from the month of February, delivered by Emurgo's Engineering Lead, Sebastien Guillemot, right here!
Check out the Cardano community in San Diego! Our community member, Wade, has planned 2 Cardano meetups in the area (on Mar 22 & 29) Please join their group to find out more! #CardanoCommunity