As part of the upgrade process to Daedalus 1.4 all earlier versions of Daedalus will need to go through a migration process otherwise known as Optimized block storage. Read more in this help centre article:
Darko Mijic, Nikola Glumac and Matthias Benkort, developers from IOHK, join the Cardano Effect Podcast this week. Watch this episode and learn about the latest Cardano 1.4 release and the Daedalus wallet here:

Tatyana Valkevych, Darko Mijić, and Jacob Mitchell from IOHK explain how Cardano is versioned! Read the blog post here:

Following the Cardano 1.4 release, we have been made aware that some users are seeing some issues. Check this Forum post with the commonly observed issues and their corresponding help articles:
We've hit 70,000 subscribers on the Cardano Reddit!! Come join in on the discussion here: #CardanoCommunity
Did you miss PlutusFest? Well, no fret! Presentation slides from the speakers have been posted. These slides along with other details from the event can be found here: #PlutusFest
Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, went live yesterday and shared some thoughts on the Shelley release and upcoming new features that are anticipated for Q1 2019. He also touched on some issues that users may have faced following the latest Cardano 1.4 release. Watch it here:
We love when our community members create useful tools for Cardano! Check out this Ada price tracker for the Samsung Galaxy Watch what Tommy built: You can download it on his website! #CardanoCommunity
Charles Hoskinson hosted a surprise 'Ask-Me-Anything' over the weekend and answered live questions submitted by the community. Head to the Cardano Forum for the video and a list of questions answered:

The next weekly technical report will be released by IOHK after the holidays. Thanks for your understanding. Happy Holidays!

Interested about backwards-incompatible Cardano wallet API changes that were in Cardano 1.4 or how to build a Cardano client with both the old V0 wallet API and the new V1 wallet API? Look no further! Here's the latest IOHK blog post explaining both topics:

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Cardano Ambassador Program! This program helps us recognize and acknowledge the good work happening in the community. Learn more here: #CardanoCommunity
Watch this interview with Philip Wadler at the recent inaugural IOHK PlutusFest here: #Cardano #PlutusFest #Cardanocommunity
There is a community Cardano meetup in Washington DC on Thursday January 24th. If you are in the area and free, make sure you attend! More details here:
The Cardano Roadmap has been updated! Check it out here: or better yet, watch a summary video on all the changes by Sebastien from Emurgo!
Charles Hoskinson talked about a year in review of Cardano in 2018 in the latest IOHK video. Watch it here: Thanks to the #CardanoCommunity for supporting the project in 2018, and here's to 2019!
The Cardano community wouldn't be what it is today without our active, engaging community members! To help show recognition to these special people who go above and beyond and provide regular and positive contributions to the project, we have created the Cardano Ambassador Program. Details on this can be found here: #CardanoCommunity

As always, please be vigilant and safe on all of our social media platforms! This is a special warning for Telegram where there have been many reported scammers. Be wary when clicking any shared files as they can contain malware that risk you or your security. Thank you!

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IOHK have announced their next event! The IOHK Summit, a two-day public event with speakers, partners and cryptocurrency experts, will be taking place on April 17 and 18 in Miami, USA. More details to come:
Lars Brunjes, Director of Education at IOHK, is currently teaching Ethiopian and Ugandan women Haskell for the next two months! Check out this article with Computer Weekly where he explains what it means to be a blockchain developer:
Ever wondered why the ticker of Cardano’s cryptocurrency is “ADA”, or why its wallets are named after Greek myths? And who are all the people mentioned in the roadmap? Read belowsearcher's blog post to unravel it all:
We've got a new Cardano community group! This time in Boulder, Colorado! Join Jordan, our community member organizer, to meet up, discuss and collaborate about Cardano. Register to the group here: #CardanoCommunity
In this video, Manuel Chakravarty (Language Architect at IOHK) introduces the overall Plutus architecture and the importance of creating this contract development platform. Watch it here:
Watch the latest episode of The Cardano Effect, where they were joined by Daniel Friedman from IOHK. He discusses ongoing business development for the Cardano project and answers questions from the community!
The latest Cardano Effect podcast to come out interviews David Rountree, technical recruiter from IOHK. What's a technical recruiter, you may ask? Well watch the episode to find out! #theCardanoEffect
¡Hay un encuentro de la comunidad Cardano en Madrid, España, el 26 de Enero! ¡Donde contaremos con la experiencia de Nicolás Arqueros, CTO de Emurgo!Para más información: #CardanoCommunity (There's an upcoming Cardano Community Meetup in Spain! Please note that this event will be held in Spanish, but if you would like to attend, RSVP with the link above!)
At PlutusFest, Professor Simon Thompson introduced Marlowe. Marlowe is modelled on financial contract DSL's, which will provide contract software in the financial sector. Watch his talk here:
Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, jumped on another Ask-Me-Anything with the community to answer questions and share updates on the project. You can watch the video and see a list of the questions here: Thanks to our community member Adatainment for chronicling the questions!
There's a community Cardano meetup in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday, January 24! If you're in the area, be sure to RSVP and meet your fellow community members! RSVP link here: #CardanoCommunity
We are pleased to announce that we have published meetup guidelines and a Cardano Community Meetup Ebook for our community! Community members who want to organize meetups in their area can now be guided by this detailed step-by-step meetup organizing processYou can find the details here:
Manuel Chakravarty, IOHK Language Architect, joined The Cardano Effect and answered interesting questions like: "If you could go back in time to 2015, what would you say to Charles about Language architecture?" Find out his answer in this week's episode here: #theCardanoEffect
Are you in Washington, DC? Then check out this upcoming Cardano Community meetup happening on Jan 23. Ruslan, developer from Emurgo, will be joining in via Skype! RSVP here: #CardanoCommunity

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It has come to our attention that Cardano community members are receiving DM’s across Telegram and other social platforms about Daedalus. Please ignore these messages as they are scams. Updates about Daedalus will be shared by official accounts. You can learn more about staying safe here:
Professor Aggelos Kiayias, chief scientist at IOHK, spoke at PlutusFest and gave a brief introduction on the Blockchain Technology Lab at the University of Edinburgh and on the research themes that are ongoing at IOHK. Watch his talk here: #PlutusFest
ICYMI: Rebecca Campbell from Distributed wrote an article on the launch of Plutus and Marlowe. Read it here:
Community member, Tommy, created a Cardano Butler for Alexa. You can ask it about price, the current epoch, news and more. Watch his demo video here: #CardanoCommunity

Welcome to the Cardano Announcements channel! We also have official Telegram chat groups. Join them and chat with Cardano community members around the world by clicking these links: ⭐️ @CardanoGeneral💕 @CardanoCommunityTechSupport💻 @CardanoDevelopersOfficial🚀 @CardanoTradingOfficial🚩 @CardanoReportToAdmin🇯🇵 @CardanoJapanOfficial🇯🇵 @CardanoJapanTrading🇨🇳 @CardanoChinaOfficial🇰🇷 @CardanoKoreaOfficial

CV Labs has incubation programs for blockchain startups, offers a coworking space and hosts crypto events in the heart of Crypto Valley. In Davos, where #WEF19 is happening, they are bringing together the Blockchain community with the support of Cardano Foundation!

Charles went live on YouTube to discuss the upcoming staking testnet. Watch it here:
Are you in San Diego? Then check out this upcoming Cardano Community meetup happening tomorrow (Jan 25)! The San Diego community hosts a Cardano meetup on the 4th Friday of every month! RSVP here: #CardanoCommunity
'From pit to bit: gold is old and bit is hip! What will be the future guarantor of Financial stability?’ This is the exciting topic of Cardano Foundation's panel discussion tonight here in Davos, Switzerland! #WEF19Follow Cardano Foundation's Twitter to follow along the event: (Discussion starting 14:00 GMT).
Charles Hoskinson (CEO of IOHK), Ken Kodama (CEO of Emurgo) and Ryan King (CEO of Emurgo HK) will all be speaking at the Japan Blockchain Conference, happening in Yokohama on Jan 30-31. More details here:
Cardano Australia meetup in Sydney is preparing for its 19th meetup next month! If you are in the area on Feb 4, come and meet other Cardano community members in Sydney. RSVP here:
Last week, Cardano Foundation hosted an event in collaboration with PeakViews in Davos, Switzerland with esteemed guests attending the World Economic Forum. Read the recap of their event here!
Are you in Zagreb, Croatia? Then check out this upcoming Cardano Community meetup happening on Feb 9. Marin, our community member will be hosting this 2nd Zagreb meetup! RSVP here:
The Yoroi Wallet is now available for Android! Download it in the Google Play Store here:
Watch this video to see Charles Hoskinson's opening remarks at the Tokyo fintech meetup yesterday: