IOHK will launch Daedalus for Linux with the next major Daedalus release. Read about the updated beta release based on the latest version, Daedalus 0.11.1 with Cardano 1.3.1:
Emurgo will be funding 5 research and development fellowships! Selected individuals will be funded for a calendar year to explore new topics in decentralization and distributed ledger technologies with applications for the Cardano blockchain. Apply here:
Cardano Foundation have announced that there has been a change in the Foundation Council. Michael Parsons has resigned with immediate effect, Pascal Schmid takes over as Chairman on an interim basis.
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The Cardano Foundation announced today that leadership has been duly transferred to Pascal Schmid and that the Foundation’s assets have been fully secured. Read more here:
The first episode of The Cardano Effect podcast is here. Make sure you subscribe! #thecardanoeffect
IOHK has released a software update for Daedalus. All users should download the latest version of the Daedalus wallet here: For more details read the following forum post:

Learn more about the event and RSVP here:

Episode 2 of the Cardano Effect hosted special guest, Nicolás Arqueros, CTO at Emurgo. Nico talks about Yoroi, the light client wallet for Cardano. Watch it here: And be sure to subscribe! #CardanoCommunity
Join us at PlutusFest for presentations and debates with IOHK’s scientists and engineers about Plutus, the programming platform for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain! Learn more about the event here: #PlutusFest
There’s an updated Linux beta release based on the latest version, Daedalus 0.11.2 with Cardano 1.3.2! Previous beta releases are no longer compatible with mainnet. Read about it here:

Important support message from IOHK about the recent Daedalus update on Nov 18. Those who have previously contacted the IOHK Technical Support Desk would have received this email earlier today. You can read the email here:

In case you missed it, check out Episode 4 of the Cardano Effect Podcast. Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, joined to answer a variety of questions! Watch it here:
A second community meetup in Colombia was held in Cúcuta, a city bordering Venezuela. Venezuela is one of the countries that most uses cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and it’s exciting to see them discussing Cardano. Read more from their meetup organizer, Javier, here:
Learn about Cardano 101 and crypto basics with Episode 5 of The Cardano Effect podcast! Watch it here: and be sure to subscribe to watch their weekly videos! #CardanoCommunity
In March, Grey Jabesi, host of The Grey Ave Podcast, interviewed Charles Hoskinson & John O’Connor in Johannesburg, South Africa. Watch it here:
Thanks to our community member, Jordan, our Cardano meetup community has grown to Boulder, Colorado. Their first meetup was held this past weekend, which you can read about here: join their group here: #CardanoCommunity
IOHK have released the Cardano testnet! Here, developers and end users of Daedalus wallet can explore new features before they are deployed on the mainnet. Read the announcement here:

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John O’Connor, Director of African Operations for IOHK, will be appearing on The Cardano Effect podcast this week. Leave questions for John on this Reddit thread:

The Cardano Roadmap is updated every month to show any new or updated developments within the Cardano project. Check out the latest here:

John O’Connor, Director of African Operation for IOHK, joined Episode 6 of The Cardano Effect. Watch the podcast and learn about John’s focus and goals here:
We’re here at the University of Edinburgh and excited for PlutusFest tomorrow! We’ll be sending updates through our Twitter so be sure to follow us! if you’re around, RSVP to the meetup here: #PlutusFest
If you can’t make it to PlutusFest tomorrow, you’re in luck! We’ll be live streaming the presentations on the Cardano Community YouTube channel. Livestream link will be posted here tomorrow. We’ll be starting at 10:00AM GMT! For more information about PlutusFest, click here: #PlutusFest
PlutusFest is finally here! Today, we will have a full day of presentations with IOHK’s scientists and engineers about Plutus and Marlowe, programming languages for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Follow along with us on our livestream link here

A video of all the presentations will also be uploaded after the event! 🎥

Here's a new link for our livestream at PlutusFest: We will also be uploading a video after the event for anyone who missed it! #PlutusFest
PlutusFest is now taking a break for lunch! Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far. We’ll be back at 2:00PM GMT. The full schedule can be found here: #PlutusFest

Today IOHK releases Plutus Platform, a smart contracts language for the Cardano blockchain. You can try out Plutus online via Plutus Playground. Read the blog to learn about Plutus, the Playground and other supporting documentation:

We’re back and live at PlutusFest! Follow along with this afternoon’s presentations on our livestream here: #PlutusFest

Plutus Playground is a full testbed for anyone wishing to learn more and play around with the Plutus system. You can also learn more through the Playground website: #PlutusFest

Read IOHK’s latest blog post about Marlowe, a domain-specific language (DSL) for financial contracts. Using a DSL has many advantages, such as being usable by someone who is expert in a particular field, rather than requiring programming skills to use it. Read on here:

To our German community members: Erfahren Sie mehr über die Vision und Funktionsweise von Cardano mit Lars Brünjes, Bildungsdirektor bei IOHK. Er war diese Woche beim BTC-Echo Podcast zu Gast und ist hier zu hören:
If you’re in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Be sure to attend this upcoming Cardano meetup! Nico, CTO of Emurgo, will also be joining in remotely! RSVP here: #CardanoCommunity
The inaugural PlutusFest was a great success! There were wonderful speakers who presented on Plutus and Marlowe, functional programming languages for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Read our recap of the event here: #PlutusFest
The Cardano Foundation has decided at its meeting today to strengthen the Foundation Council with three proven experts from the Cardano ecosystem. Read more here:

Check out the latest IOHK blog post about #PlutusFest: PlutusFest was a successful event that introduced IOHK’s new smart contract languages tools for developers and financiers.

On 11th December 2018, IOHK hosted a public day of presentations about Plutus and Marlowe, functional programming languages for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. At this event, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, delivered the keynote speech. Watch it here: #PlutusFest
IOHK has just announced the release of Cardano 1.4, the most significant update for Cardano yet! Read more here:
Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, gave his 'end of year' video update. You can watch the video and read about it on the Cardano Forum: