Hello all, we hope you are doing well! ICYMI: In the recent week, we've had massive support throughout the #CardanoCommunity. Therefore, the Community Team wanted to express their sincere thanks to those that have been participating in the [email protected] effort to help speed up Covid19 research! 🦠😷It's great to see and makes us happy there are such passionate community members everywhere, who are helping putting their CPUs and GPUs to work for this noble cause. 💚Interested? Join our team: #244483Read more info at: 👇https://forum.cardano.org/t/cardano-foundations-community-management-team-supports-folding-home-for-covid-19-research/31523
Dear all,We are having another Cardano Development Update tomorrow on 31 March with Tim Harrison and Aparna Jue with the Byron Reboot and the recent Cardano developments as a primary topic.» This crowdcast will be led by Tim Harrison and will take place on 31 March at 18:30 CET «About the Byron Reboot:The Byron Reboot contains the foundational code on which the Shelley era of the mainnet will be deployed. In fact, we have already deployed new Shelley era relays onto the mainnet and these have been running well now for a couple of weeks. The reboot is the beginning of the transition of the entire mainnet Cardano codebase and the features that Shelley will bring - like staking, delegation and, of course, decentralization.Please feel free to think about your burning questions and submit them on our forum so that they can be collected in advance. 👍https://forum.cardano.org/t/31-march-cardano-development-update-with-tim-harrison-and-aparna-jue/31667
Charles Hoskinson - Completing Cardano 2020 - 30/03/2020On March 30th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to discuss the upcoming milestones and current scope of Cardano within this year.Brief summary:- IOHK is on track to fulfill its commitments as originally scoped in contract.- This project started out as an aspirational high risk high reward science based exploration. The result was a best in class proof-of-stake system.- Along with developing an end-to-end cryptocurrency we have also been hard at work on Cardano Commercially Critical Infrastructure to ensure that Cardano has the best possible opportunity in the marketplace.- The rigorous standards, high assurance software and formal methods used create Cardano lays the foundation for future developers and vendors.- Voltaire will lay the foundation for the community to be funded to continue to make contributions to the Cardano ecosystem.Read more here: https://forum.cardano.org/t/charles-hoskinson-completing-cardano-2020-30-03-2020/31788
IOHK Blog: What the Byron reboot means for CardanoNew code delivers big benefits for the network and Daedalus users as the Cardano ecosystem prepares for Shelley.The Byron reboot is a series of updates to multiple components of the Cardano network. Namely the Cardano node, but also the Cardano explorer, the wallet backend, and the Daedalus wallet itself. The first part of the Byron reboot – a totally new node implementation – has already been deployed to some relay nodes on the network, and the next few weeks will see core network nodes and more relays being incrementally upgraded to the new system. Soon, users will be able to experience the node improvements directly via a new version of the Daedalus wallet.Read the full IOHK Blog on our forum here:https://forum.cardano.org/t/iohk-blog-what-the-byron-reboot-means-for-cardano/31791Also, don't forget the upcoming IOHK Monthly Update with Aparna Jue and Tim Harrison later today!Join and register here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ai0641sn/register